Building a pc

Hello there! first off let me thank you for taking the time to read this, i appreciate it.


So i've been looking to build a pc for the past 2 months, but i'm always changing the parts, and i'm not sure at all what i really need. So here's what i've built so far:

I really just want to play games and edit videos with this pc. Is this too much for what i'm looking for? 


If you could change some pieces and send me your advices it would be awesome! (Always looking to save me some bucks)


Thanks again, and have a great day! :)

Seems good, you could drop the cpu down to a 4670k if you want to save a few $$$. Same with the motherboard, high end haswell gear is kind of pointless due to the thermal limits of the cpu's when overclocking. You could get the same overclock with a lot cheaper z87 board. No real need for more than 8gb of RAM at the moment. Rest looks ok.  > your list with some changes.

If running one GPU, a 550w PSU is plenty.