Building a PC first time builder, advice appreciated

Hey guys, I'm a long time subscriber on Youtube and just joined the website. I'm not very tech or mechanically skilled however I want to work on this and decided to build my own PC by myself. I'm a college student with a $750 budget the lower on the budget on the less ramens I have to eat! But anyways I had a family friend build a PC for me back in 2008, if possible there are a few parts I'd like to cannibalize from it to lessen the cost and get better parts.

I have a mouse/keyboard my monitor is a LCD Acer 1080 TV, so the max res is already set. I play some games and will be doing school work on it as well. Favorite games would be Skyrim, Fallout NV, Civ 5 and Xcom EU. Hope to atleast play these on highest settings.

These are the part's I'd like to use if possible, if it's stupid to reuse any please let me know I wont! - Standard DVD drive I still need it for some school stuff hoping I don't have to replace it. - PSU, it was great back in the day I never even came close to reaching max at all on it I have a ATI 4850 on it right now. - This is the case, not sure if I should replace it the fans still work, it does the job. - I have two of these in my current computer, the 2nd one I've literally never used. I don't keep many files on my computer I guess. Hoping to use this as my memory drive but get a SSD as for windows/games.

The below build assumes I can reuse those parts. I will also be making all purchases through Amazon, sorry its my only line of credit!

These are the parts I'm looking at I scared the PSU cant handle it:

If this build sucks or is stupid please show me a better one or tell me what to replace. Thanks guys!

Replace the psu since some newer parts might not be compatible with it. the case is fine though if you begin having problems with it then change it the dvd drive is ok

also if you can you could get a better 760 like the evga gtx 760 super clocked for only 25 more.

Reuse the case and HDDs. The 760 is also good and is about $70 more.

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Here are some parts I would go with that are on sale at the moment. 

AMD FX 8350- $160.  For $160, this is an absolute steal! Has no problem running most games!

AMD R9 290,-$380 one of the best AMD cards you can buy right now. 

XFX PRO 650w PSU- $80 XFX Psus are one of the best!  I run one myself.  You can get this exact one for about $80.

If you are not going to be overclocking, The Asus M5a97 R2 will be a solid low cost motherboard to use.  -$80

That should probably come around $750.  I just rushed this, let me know if you want to alter this a bit. 




i wouldn't recommend buyng a SSDnow V300, since kingston swapped the NAND on them to a much slower one...


^ this

on the list that DerKrieger had use this for the os and save $35 its the same thing

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I would replace the PSU as it's age may hinder connectivity and it may die. A Corsair CX600M would be adequate.

You want to get 4670K instead of the non K. This means you can overclock if you pay 20 bucks for a hyper 212 evo heatsink you will get a nice overclock between 800-1000MHz.

In terms of graphics card the GTX 760 Is faster but If you need to save more a Radeon R9 270X is a good choice.