Building a Mini ITX rig

Building a mini ITX rig for my brother.

decided to go with a small build as oppose to a full size rig simply because he doesnt want anything too big.

PC Partpicker here.

Need constructive critizism and suggestions.

what will this rig be use for?

basic computer use such as interent, youtube, netflix, documents, music, photos, videos and some moderate gaming.


not looking to over clock anything.


When you say, "moderate gaming" what kind of games were you thinking of playing? I would say that $1,000 might be a little overkill if your just going to play Minecraft and flash games.

I'd say go for 8 GB of RAM if he isn't going to be video editing or anything like that. Also, I'd get a modular power supply since it'll be a pain trying to manage all the extras in such a small case. The rest looks fairly nice though.

stuff like mitman absolution, BF3 and etc..

Non-modular is recommended for the Prodigy. You will have a hard time fitting a modular PSU into the case, modular supplies have large cable connectors

1500 your budget? and I would really not go with the prodigy, there are some Matx case that are smaller, I'll post a rig you might like in a bit

 if you want the ability to OC go with a dark knight II instead of a gaia, the Gaia is there to help keep it silent as stock coolers are really shitty

"he doesnt want anything too big."

Dump the Prodigy. Get a real mITX chassis.

I agree, the one I posted is about the same size but thinner and its able to fit mATX

silverstone, fractal, and NZXT offer some pretty great ITX solutions if you need even smaller