Building a Little server on a plank

So I have pulled together a bunch of parts that are laying around and I am throwing together a PC on a sheet of wood. 

This is really just a proof of concept for something I have wanted to do for a while now. Once I finish with this, my plan is to build a computer on a piece of acrylic.

The P.O.C System:

  • Just a little AMD Athlon II X2 on an old Gigabyte Motherboard I found lying around.
  • An old 80 gig Segate HDD
  • Asus Radeon HD 4850 (I'd use my old GTX 470 if my PSU could handle it)
  • PSU 430 Watt Thermaltake

The Reason i am using an External GPU instead of the onboard for that Motherboard is because the System I eventually build will have an external graphics card.

 (Guitar for scale)

I am currently between whether i should use s PCIE extender cable to have the graphics card placed elsewhere. though I don't think that is viable becuase It would have to be attached heatsink down.

My plan for the PSU and a HDD is a bracket/cradle that lets me screw in where the normal holes on the two parts are.


Right now I'd like to find any suggestions for where or how I could place things, What methods would work better, How would cable management go down. So on so forth.

Also, what would other people use a secondary pc like this for? I think it would be neat to use as either a server type PC for lan games, A Torrenting pc. If you had a set of things the PC would do, like with hosting lan servers, you could write up a little program to control it remotely.

Anyway, Thank's in advance!

sounds look a cool idea.I'm sorry i cant offer much in terms of design. You could possible make it a htpc and file server or such and a torrenter with the right software. i wouldnt have it do either the htpc or the torrenting by itself as that would be a waste of hardware and ive set up both on raspberry pis which run flawlessly. Otherwise play around with fthen as though then the gpu does nothing so you could maybe look into steam isis