Building a home server for arma3 hosting & website hosting - any tips?

So im just about to buy server equipment off various sources. Ive been dabbling on my home server based from an old gaming pc. considering i feel like i have enough experience with managing a home network i want to learn more.

My plan is to run everything off of linux. so far i am purchasing a firewall(or U to manage ), router, 2 x server for web hosting, and a single rack for hosting an arma 3 server and Teamspeak for an instance of the arma 3 server.

if all goes well im looking to host 2x arma 3 sites. keep in mind this is all for personal sites and server usage that will be controlled by myself alone. im more or less using it as a learning tool. (always looking for a new hobby)

any tips before purchasing? esp in regards to web host/arma

Absolutely second this one. If you have any open logins, idk how recent it is anymore, but fail2ban is a good way to stop brute-force bots.

Hopefully your ISP's smart enough to have some 'broad-level' protection in place as well.