Building a Gaming PC, need help

I am trying to build a PC on a budget of around $650. I want the following things:


-Enough graphics power to run Minecraft with Sonic Eithers Unbelevable Shaders while recording with Bandicam *

-At least 1TB storage *

-A fairly good processor; I would like to edit videos for YouTube, but I don't need anything overkill *

-A PSU that can handle a second GPU

-A fairly nice case with a side window

-LED Lighting (Blue or Red or Green or White)

I have put a * next to anything that is important. Anything else isn't TOO important.

The Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X used to be $210, but have gone up to $250.

What should I do spec-wise? Can you give me a list of specs and the links? Keep in mind I already have headsets, monitors, periferals, etc.



I would prefer Intel for this build, but the budget is small and the requirements are high.

Something along these lines: