Building a 1000$ system Help?

so i hav 1000$ and i want to build a new PC

all i need is the pc parts and the case

i want the nzxt switch case its 179.99$ - build it here

the uses i want to use for it are gaming and rendering vids for youtube.

i do want to play games on 3monitors.

Games ill be playing : dead space 3 , farcry3 , battlefield 3 , skyrim.

I dunno, triple monitor gaming is a bit much to ask for $1000, but here's the best i can do.


wanting a $180 case and 3 monitor nvidia surround/ifinity for $1000.  hellllll no

Stick with single monitor, also the video card is based upon what editing program you'll be using.

Sony Vegas = either

Adobe CS6 = nvidia so, what are you using?