Building 1st gaming PC, advice

I'm looking to build my 1st gaming PC for under $1500. this what iv come up with not sure if iv picked the best and optimal hardware. any and all advice would be  helpful. 

case: $80

power supply: $60

mother board: $155

CPU: $190

Memory(RAM): $76

Video Card: $360

storage (SSD/HDD): $105 - $54

Optical DRive: $35

Cooling Fan: $35

Operating System: $100

You can do better for that much. Please use PcPartPicker in the future. Makes things so much easier.

This build had

>Better Case

>Better PSU

>Not sure about what motherboard you choice but the Asus Z97-A is excellent.

>Cheaper RAM that is just as good.

>Better SSD


>4690K. Faster and can be overclocked.

>Better CPU cooling.

>Same GPU

>Lower price.

Get your copy of Windows from here:

It looks shady but I promise you it is 100% legit. I bought stuff from there and it worked fine.. As have a lot of people on the forum. Proof:

You don't need an Optical drive either.

As far as cases go, I'm looking for a discrete style of case. No LED's, don't really care for a window inside but if it looks good I'll grab it 

I am deciding to jump up to 16gbs of ram

I'm not sure if I want to over clock, yet. therefore I'm going with stock Intel coolant for cpu (not sure if that's smart, but It is for my wallet)

 As far as monitors I'm thinking of a 29" 2580x1080. Want to do more research on them thou. What's your thought on that kind of monitor?

I would go for something like this for 1500$ it's not too crazy but it would be extremely capable in games even at 4k It's clean looking and functional without lots of extras, just what you need to get the job done. For an OS I would suggest buying a key on the forums rather then getting a retail copy it will save you some money. If you are not planning on getting a 4k monitor or even a 1440p one you could save a good chunk of money and get something cheaper.

This would max out almost every game on 1080p monitors and costs like 500$ less.

My advice build for what you need a 1500$ computer is no joke for a first gaming build that seems a little intense. You may be better off going with a semi budget build that is really solid

With something like this you would get both very good performance per dollar as well as performance and could really learn lots about overclocking and system building without having to worry as much about breaking things. On the other hand if you want the best by all means go forth and rule the benchmarks as for gaming at 1080p all of these would be interchangeable; that is they would all perform for the most part beyond what you would perceive at that level of resolution.