Build Your Own: $325 Media Center PC (Jan/Feb Edition)


not a bad vid, your builds are spot on, but I do have a few suggestions after watching:

first off, I think you should do a practice recording before each vid, and play it back to see where you struggle. then do it again, and again until you are satisfied with your recording. then edit it and all that. it will really help you speak more smoothly and sound less like your reading off a script.

secondly, you need to pause and take a breath one in a while, occasionally a bit of water. you sound like your constantly trying to say an entire paragraph in one breath, always speeding up to finish what you are saying. rehearsing would also help you sort of plan your breathing, etc. if you look at logans vids, he usually has a glass of water, or another sort of drink. linus does too. they also plan their breaths, after a fashon.

third, in addition to practicing your recording, try running through the script to make sure it flows well and gives good clairity to what you are trying to say with your vid. it might be a good idea to have a friend look at your vids and give you feedback.

fourth, the video could use some transitions between sections, and more careful editing (don't cut yourself off)

fifth, try to do something to diffuse the light in your room, it creates pretty bad glare off your face. one way to do it would be to hand a white fabric sheet just below or ahead of your light.


other than that, try to look at how other people, such as logan and linus, talk/act/look, and how they present their content, and compare your videos to theirs, see where you can improve. focus on how they 'show' their subject, and not so much on the subject itself. I don't mean to do things exactly the same, but just get some ideas.

Thanks for the tip!. I don't have very much time to practice. Seeing I now have a job. But I am starting to pick up more confidence in each video. It's been a little while since I did a video like that (3 weeks I think it's been)

yeah, I think that the biggest thing is just practice. tou'll get the hang of it!