Build X470

What do you Think of the Asus Prime X470 Pro, with Ryzen 2700x, Corsair Vengeance 3200 Mhz 16gb RAM

Why that specific motherboard? Why that specific ram?

Well, I have the ram already, and I need a new Mobo, I may have hurt
my Crosshair

I basically, want to make sure I can run the ram at 3000 Mhz, looking at the specs, I think it can

My question was more of “do you have any specific requirements, like color scheme, specific features needed and stuff like that”…

If that is the only requirement, make sure the motherboard have the specific model you already own in its memory support list or QVL list. That means they have specifically tested that model and it works on the settings they published.

No specific Color scheme, I like blue

Full Build
Corsair Spec -06
Corsair H115i 240mm
Corsair HX 1000W psu
“Ryzen 2700x”
“Asus Prime X470 Pro”
16 Gb Vengeance 3200; 16gb Kingston Hyperx Predator 3000( I may have killed a stick, we will see)
Evga 1080ti
I have a PCI expansion for four extra USB slots
Samsung SSD
Samsung NVME SSD
Some storage

Just need a new mobo and cpu everything else seems to have faired well.

I may have read before that you should only use the cables that come with the PSU, In my ignorance, I did not heed that warning.

I watched my AIO spark and blow, a corsair 280mm. 1080 TI survived stress test for an hour so i’m going with it. I can’t boot my Mobo with more than one stick of RAM. I’m hoping i didn’t f*** the PSU.

And you bought corsair again.
OK, I get your point. Your AIO died and killed your system.
If you didn’t had any issues with your system before that why don’t you get the same board? Or you are looking at an upgrade?

Well I think it was the cable, I had already bought a new AIO and just wanted a shiny rgb one. From now on I think I’m just going to go with an Air Cooler, but I have a brand new AIO so I might as well use it.

I really wasn’t impressed with the Crosshair, The whole only having one usb plugin at the bottom pissed me off

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Especially for the price I paid for the Crosshair

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Well, again, my best advice to you is, make sure your ram kit is in the motherboard support list. Other than that, I have a cheap B350 board and it works fine with an 8 core Ryzen, so all of them will do about the same job running the CPUs.
I had my board for about 3 months before I found proper ram for it. It’s rock solid now. Just make sure it will work and enjoy. Since you don’t have any special requirements like a connectivity or something, most boards will do just fine.

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Are you sure the PSU is OK??? - I mean using the wrong cable n all may not have only taken out what you plugged into it but, that same event could have also damaged the PSU. I’d seriously consider verifying the PSU integrity as #1 priority before adding in replacement parts.

To your Mobo considerations - I get your frustration with the CH7 and only a single USB 2.0 header internally. I opted to use the Fractal S36 AIO with my Crosshair VII for the same reason (only a single USB 2.0 header on the CH7) as the Fractal unit does not require a USB connection. However you already have your AIO, it makes no sense to switch. Much easier to find a mobo that has two internal USB 2.0 headers.

The x470 Taichi is quite decent, and it has two USB 2.0 headers so you would be able to use 1 for your Corsair AIO and another for front panel i/o or other requirements needing an internal USB 2.0 header.

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I’m pretty confident my PSU is fine

I immediately disconnected it and did the old smell test. Then I put an old GPU in there to protect my 1080ti, and ran heaven for almost 3 hours. I feel confident

I do hope all is well regarding the PSU the HX1000 is a nice unit and not inexpensive to replace.

I forgot to mention - regarding the Corsair DDR4 3200 - I have had good luck running Corsair Vengeance kits at their rated 3200 speed in several Ryzen systems (2700X, 2700 and 2600X) on Asus and Asrock x470 boards without issue.

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Thanks, I appreciate the kind words and info.