Build Suggestions

Basically the run down of it is... I've ordered these parts but am able to cancel I have a £12,000 budget I've already ordered what I think would be best but I'm wondering if I can get some parts cheaper? Or possibly better parts? 
Because I want this PC to last a LONG time. - List ordered - Proof of order. 

I think the RAM is a bit overkill considering you're using a more gaming geared card but $$$ man. 

Hmm it is going to be a give away though.. I'm going to donate what's left to Tek Syndicate..

if you don't mind me asking, what will you be using your PC for?

and what is your monitor resolution?

i would personally ditch the 295x2 in favor of 2 GTX 780Ti cards. the 295x2 does have 1 more Gig of RAM, but not only does the 780Ti x2 perform better in a lot of games, but that cooler on the 295x2....

i am just paranoid about AIO coolers. if the pump goes, the whole thing is ruined. and it has 1 for each GPU, so that is 2 points of failure. im just not sure thos little pumps would both stand the test of time. i could be very wrong though, but yeah, 2 780Ti is what i would do. also, what CPU cooler are you going to use?

I've got a 4K monitor and I'm going to be using it for about 1 month total until my work station arrives as of then I'm giving it away on a facebook page I'm on allot. 

dayum. that is pretty sweet :)

Cheers I'm going to donate to Tek Syndicate as I like the videos they make as well and Logan is a pretty awesome guy also! 

Looks pretty beastly to me.  I'd go for an 840 Pro if you wanted a higher quality SSD.