Build now or wait

I’m currently running an ageing system. i5 4670k, Msi board, 4x4gb ddr3, Asus 270x graphics card, 2x120gb Sandisk ssd’s 6x2tb hdd’s (spinning rust drives). Windows 10.

So I’ll get to the point… Build a new pc now due to recent price drops in AMD 2700x, ddr4 3600 ram and x470 taichi motherboard and add to it a new RTX 2070, case, 700w silent psu, bluray drive, 250GB Samsung 970 m.2 nvme and a new 4TB hdd plus windows 10 for just less than £1500.

Or wait for Ryzen 2 (Ryzen 3000)?

Thoughs greatly appreciated.

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Get everything except wait with 3000, mobo, and its ram

Also I find that Adata m.2 being really interesting and you could even squeeze that to be 500GB-1TB while waiting for that CPU release



There will be new motherboards, so you may want to hold on for board as well…
Having all those drives I see no reason to buy new drives. But that’s up to you really.

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Pcie 4.0 on the new mobos, right?


Rumours say yes…

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For what use case?
For archival, okay.
For watching movies, get a standard bluray player.

Probably only on the top x16 slot.

I’d wait for Zen 2.

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This is my plan.

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It will depend on motherboard manufacturer. Might just be on enthusiast boards.

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Now would be a perfect time to make those mistakes that first time overclockers make :slight_smile:

Unless there is a specific project that you are just chomping at the bit to have pay off … save your money and bide your time. Your technology dollar will most likely stretch farther given the current market state. The return over time will benefit you. The details of Zen 2 are still a bit obscure but even if your choose NOT to buy Zen 2, it’s mere presence in the marketplace will likely serve to drive sown the other chips already in the system to your benefit.

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if your choose NOT to buy Zen 2, it’s mere presence in the marketplace will likely serve to drive sown the other chips already in the system to your benefit.

I see all these 1000 chips out there at fantastic prices. Can’t wait for some price drops on the 2000s.

Depends on how patience you are?

If you wanne build right now with a RTX2070,
not sure what your goals are with the system?
But if this system is mainly targeted at gaming.
Then i would go intel a i7 8700K or i5-9600K with a Z390 board.

If you don´t mind to wait a bit longer?
then it might be worth to wait for Ryzen 3000 series.

Good answer.

tl;dw if you need a computer today, go ahead and buy your parts, otherwise if you can wait, wait.


Thanks for all the replies.

I am looking to eventually replace all the existing 2tb hard drives with 4tb ones for film serving and redundant backup.

Nice idea about the adata drives I hadn’t considered them.

I don’t think pcie 4.0 will be of any real benefit fit to me as I don’t upgrade graphics cards fast enough.

The 2070 is in order for me to encode videos faster both blurays and YouTube ones, also when coupled with the AMD processor I’m hoping to be able to serve movies to my house while gaming and streaming.

Waiting will be difficult as the wife (the boss) has authorised the expenditure and I don’t want her to find something to spend it on lol. But I do think waiting either for the new processor’sor the price drop on the current ones will be worth it.

Thanks again.

if you can just hide it away in books in cash that way she can not spend it without finding it first. you could also go 1st gen thread ripper with that money as well.

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I’d build now.

There is always something else around the corner, and in the case of Ryzen 3000 it will work in X470 boards, at least up to 8-12 cores.

It’s still several months away, by the time Ryzen 3000 comes out, the new threadripper will be just around the corner, etc. It’s not like a 2700X will instantly be crap - you’ll still be good for a while with that CPU, and maybe consider upgrading to a 4000 series later.

The next big thing to worry about IMHO is DDR5 and that is years off at this point.

Also… i’m a ryzen fanboy as much as the next guy but consider this:
Ryzen 2xxx series is the “bug fix” for Ryzen 1000 series.

Ryzen 3000 is a major design update with a split off IO die. It may be amazing. It may also have significant bugs or other quirks that may take some time to resolve. Maybe not deal breakers, but you can be pretty sure it will be less “mature” on release than Ryzen 2000 series was.

Waiting for something that may be less stable and have more quirks when you have a need/want/whatever today … maybe not the best idea. 2c.