[Build log] うずめ X コンパ | A Dreamcast & a Gamecube PC

Been quite a well since I updated. With summer temps here, decided to finish my Gamecube build. I decided to not wait for an eventual 3050 because it gonna be expensive anyway, and right now the 1650 is fine, especially since I barely gamed lately.

So what was to finish was the io cover. After several measurement, cut the holes for the io, in part by eye explaining why sometime there is crooked lines, but it’s gonna be behind anyway so was less important.

One thing to note is I decided to use the original Gamcube power port opening to fit the power connector of the GPU. That way I keep more of the “spirit” of the Gamecube.

Also I changed how the GPU is secured inside. The latter will be directly screwed on the io cover so I can feasibly pluggued cables in it. Also it had the advantage, with the adapter cable, to put the GPU perfectly straight.

While painting the back cover, I also repainted the bottom of the Gamecube so it’s all black again and now I mounted the SSD and the mobo with super glue to make it more permanent and clean.

After some work with the adapter and the GPU power, everything fits snuggly. Just had to chop a plastic piece inside on the top as now it was interfering with the GPU fan because of the GPU’s new mounting.

Everything is plugged in and Compa is now completed! Might put a 60mm noctua inside as an intake to replace the 50mm.


Spot for the nice pictures


Looks great. Are those wireless attach points on the right.

That is a great project and it turned out really good.


Thanks. On the upper right is the XT60 connector, at the location of the OG Gamecube power connector, to power the GPU. The wireless antennas are inside the Gamecube where the two front supports.


Amazing work. That is a great build! Hows performance? Temps etc?

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Ah I see, very nice. It really looks great. You have made me want one myself, if only I was not so lazy…

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Here’s the results with Time Spy. CPU score would be higher if I was providing 19V instead of 12V to the PN50. But I want to have a single power brick, and I’m not knowledgeable enough to find a trustful but still small buck converter to step-up current from 12 to 19V.

In GTA Online, 1080p, pretty much everything Very High, MSAA off, frames varies between 40 and 50fps.

At idle the GPU and CPU are in the low thirties.


That’s a great feat for all the modification and compromises made, you should be very proud!

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damn dude i saw the power on reddit, wow SUPER clean IO!

EDIT: you clever bastard, you got a PCIE to m.2 adapter!!! Very nice!!!

EDIT: step UP from 12v to 19v? get a 350 watt dell . alienware chonker kill a man power brick and lop the end off, they run at 19v. i also super duper skimmed this, sorry if i’m wrong or missed an important piece


I would then need to step down from 19 to 12V for the GPU :wink: GPU only accept 12V and the GxR-DIY made by Revoccases used for sync works also on 12V

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Hey if I gave you 1000$ could you build me one? And paint it silver/purple…I like to buy one but I couldn’t build one to save my life


It would be a pleasure to build you one. ^^ But with the actual state of things in regards to prices (especially the GPUs), the same config would go more for 1200-1300USD. (and also please note I’m in Canada, so you might want to factor in maybe duties). You can PM me if you want to discuss about that.

Compa has been in two articles! ^^


Oh sweet!

And they linked to level1! Nice!


That’s really awesome and well deserved.


Kudos. Well deserved. You spent a lot of time on this and solved a number of issues. Your passion and ingenuity really shows! Thank you for sharing with us.


Compa has an article in Gizmodo too


Congrats on recognition well deserved. Now get ready for the “Could you build me one” requests in your DMs.


don’t they make pico PSUs that do all that for you but can accept a 19v brick?

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Congratulations on the three features on big gaming/tech news sites! Deserved beyond any doubt.
Seeing that someone on here asked you to build them one maybe you could make this a side hustle.