[Build log] うずめ X コンパ | A Dreamcast & a Gamecube PC

Bought and received surprisingly fast my Asus PN50 4500u. Yeah! Still have no SSD and ram to test it. So I said I would wait before disassembling it. So I let you imagine what happened. Ya I already tear it down. :grin:

Tearing it down was kind of tedious and a little bit challenging. Had to go slowly. In short, it required opening the case, removing the plastic io cover, disconnecting all the cables, removing the lightly glued microphone boards, removing the power button and led assembly by trying to shove the motherboard to the rear io side, then slowly propping up the board from the front io side with the plastic hook in the ifixit (using the mounting holes) while trying to clear the front io off the case.

But I done it at last. And now I realize I will have some work to do in order to figure out which among the 4 cables of the power button and assembly are for the power signal (I do thing it’s the red and black though). Also do somebody know what is the specific name of those small connectors? Will need to buy some.

To my knowledge those pictures are the first and only pictures of a disassembled PN40, PN50 or PN60 on the internets.