[Build Log] Brand New workstation / Server build (MU-TH-UR)

New System build. buying piece by piece

I first bought the workstation case which is a Fractal Define7 XL

still deciding on a motherboard.

Next Bought a LG 38 Inch 3840 x 1600 main monitor
I have an old desk I modified it to house my workstation and server setup.

debating motherboard for server setup atm see bsd thread for more information.

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workstation I am thinking of the mc62-g40. on the server side check out the BSD forum

for the workstation choice. i love the fact onboard I have raid 5 plus options of 3x slimsas options. server side will be an extension of the workstation. I want both to be as one. basic tools that integrate well with each other.

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I keep coming back to this little gem for the server board.


compact, lots of options.

Add 2 Xeon Gold 6326.

It would be pretty beefy.

One PSA I’ve been told about that specific board (and really most high-power server boards) - if you’re maxing out the CPU TDP support, be very careful with getting airflow across the VRM heatsinks. If it’s not in a server chassis with massive amounts of front-to-back airflow, they can get extremely hot very quickly unless you specifically have something getting air across them.


Yup. Aware of airflow. Thanks for the heads up. There are some commercial noctua fans that seem to spin up pretty good. I think 3000 to 4000 if i remember correctly. Mught pick up about 5 of them. To for the top, two for the front and 1 in the back.

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I guess i should post a pic or two. Wont be anything special. This build is entirely from scratch. I have to buy all new hardware.

As parts arrive. I will post pics.

Regards Rob


I do understand that this motherboard is for a Rack enclosure.

it is 12 x 13

do you foresee any problems with this board being installed in a Meshify 2XL case? mounting hole footprint perhaps? I do remember a video you made on this type of thing.

I have the cooling concept covered. the 140mm commercial Noctua Fans.

Thank you in advance Wendell

Appreciate any feedback you may have.

This is a possibility for Part B

I am also thinking the Thermaltake WP200 for MU-TH-UR

Regards Rob.

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Part I of MU-TH-UR has been Purchased. This is the Client Machine. I did ponder WRX-80, I did Ponder AM5, I did settle on the Gigabyte x570S Aorus Master,

Bonuses … Fully compat with Linux. Arch Should be no problem.
As a client machine. should be enough options so MU-TH-UR can be a full operations on part B

Photos be coming soon

Workstation project part one starting to come together. Heading out to buy my CPU. Photos coming soon. :slight_smile:

Here is the status of “The Gathering”. It’s all coming together slowly but surely.

Purchased so far, Case, Motherboard, Processor.

Case is the Define7 XL
Motherboard X570S (Thanks for the note on Linux Compatibility)
Processor was found for a great price.