Build ideas?

i used to be able to keep up with pc hardware but having been busy this whole year i’m unfamiliar with what’s good and what’s not really good. I don’t want to just go for an i7, matter of fact i want to budget this build because i already went all out on my last build. However i want a new machine that is comparably good if not better than the build i did two years ago. This is for a relative not for myself, budget is about $500. What’s the best i can get for that? really concerned with mobo & cpu combos. what should i get?

What is the build we are comparing to? What is the budget for - just board and cpu or the entire system?

Budget is for the entire system . comparing it to beat an average $1500 laptop

Do you live near a Microcenter?

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For 550$ this is what I’d build for myself:


yeha i do somethings are more expensive and some are cheaper

Nice!!! i have a question about the cpu, why are these 4 core ryzen cpu’s better than the 8 core 8350? is that not true 8 cores?

Yes the FX8350 is normally called a 4 module 8 thread CPU meaning the cores shares some resources.
The Ryzen 1200 have about 50% higher IPC than the FX 8350.


may i ask is it worth going with the ryzen 5 instead of the ryzen 3. it’s not that much more you know what i mean?

I would say it’s worth it if you can afford the R5 1600, that’s a very nice performance upgrade for an extra 90 bucks.


The reason why I brought up Microcenter is that you can get a 1600 from there for 169.99 plus 30 dollars off with a motherboard. If you are really thinking about budget the 1200 is a good buy too, as a place holder for future cpus.

I have had great success with their open box deals, especially GPU’s, and theeir cpu/mb combo’s cannot be beat.
My kids build has a Case+PSU from Antec that was half off because it had a scratch :slight_smile:
The overclockable I3 with the combo is very close to the price of the hyperthreaded Pentium.
I would go with the cheapest Ryzen 3 combo with the best open box gpu you can swing.

Forget the rebates, the instructions are insane.

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What’s with this XEON 10 CORE lol
Like i might just build a third budget rig that’s just xeon and older parts.

Intel Xeon E7-4870 -

Yup i am owed maybe a hundred dollars on rebate money i never collected lol.

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