Build for $750

hi guys. this is my final decision on a build. i want to order my parts tonight. this is what it came to   . any final comments and maybe parts to switch out. im staying below $750, so that is an important factor to consider before changing anything. haha less the os it come to roughly $750. are these goods parts or is the fx 8350 a better option? and maybe some last advice on the sites i should get them from and some insurance of some sorts for the cpu? any help would be much appreciated. thanks bros

Looks alright.  Just gonna point out that the motherboard is out of stock at newegg right now.  Maybe take a look at the Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0

Looks good to me. 


If you want to go cheaper, since you're buying an aftermarket cooler anyways, just get the FX-6300 and OC.


If you're okay with spending a little more, spending $20 more( after you include the CPU promo) to upgrade to an FX-8320 is a pretty good deal IMO


Also, you may want to switch the PSU to this


Other than that, this build looks solid.