Build for £500 - Auntie & Uncle

So, I've just got a message from my Mother, according to her, my Auntie and Uncle want a PC and I offered to build them one, since they're family. Lets set things out first, I want stuff to come from Amazon or Scan, UK websites. PC Part picker is nice, but I have to get all this done in a few weeks so I can't really be hitting a load of different sites for the best deals.

Okay, the budget: £500.

It first started out that this machine will just be used for browsing the web, word processing and stuff like that. But apparently by uncle like grand turismo! I know thats a PS exclusive and have explained this, but that in mind, if he likes games can we cater for some games under this budget as well?


EVERYTHING will need to be included, barring the OS. Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Base unit. All cables and timming, No desk however! ;)


I was thinking APU, SSD caching with 1TB of space for all there goodies, I can't do OS on one disk and other on another since they aren't very computer-litterate and won't be able to set up installs from one drive to another if you get what I mean. Needs a DVD burner as well :O. 

Anyone got any suggestions to start me off?

Did I mention Quiet? This PC has to be damn silent. I don't want to take it their house and they fire it up to be like a plane taking off. :P

Thanks in advance.



Couple more requirements came though. Small size, MicroATX / MiniITX then.


Wifi, and now we need Windows 8, Monitor, Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, and Printer