[Build Complete] FX-8350 Radeon 7970

I'v just completed and bought all parts for my build --->http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1yIHQ (I got the 7970 from Amazon) And I was just looking for thoughts on how it will preform.

It looks like it's going to perform really good. but why did you buy a 3TB HDD, and no SSD?


Price per space.

Aren't the Barracuda HDDs supposed of have a high failure rate. The PSU is overkill, you will not use that much wattage. 

+1 PSU overkill- Even with two video cards you would only need a 750W PSU

I'v seen mixed reviews about the HDD. And I plan to upgrade to a FX-9590 OCed and 2 7970's OCed in the near future.

Don't bother with the 9590. They are just 8350's that performed slightly better. Instead invest in a good cooler and overclock your 8350 till it hates you.

Also i have a 1tb seagate barracuda and have no idea what the fuss is about with them. I'm starting to think it's just WD fanboyism. It has been running strong since i built my computer.

I've had a seagate barracuda 1.5tb 7200RPM running for ~5 years in multiple builds and it hasn't failed yet.

I see a Corsair H100i in my future then.

Why,why did you get that PSU? You could power three more 7970s with that! You are wasting your money, and efficiency, which wastes even more money! If you wanted two 7970s, then a 650W PSU would  have been perfect.

Also, in terms of coolers for the 8350, go with a high-end air cooler, not a CLC. They're overpriced, not expandable, are destroyed by the air coolers at the same price or even cheaper, and are just overall a market that shouldn't be supported.

The old Barracudas were a lot better than the ones they crank out now.