Build attempt version 2

So here is what I'm working with:

Asus Sabertooth 990 fx R2

AMD 8380

Cooler Master 212 EVO  pu cooler

FPS Arum 80 plus Gold 750 watt 

1 TB WDGreen HDD

LG Blue Ray burner with 3D play back

Ripjaws 2, 4gb 1866 latency 9 ddr3 ram

Windows 8.1 pro 64gb OEM (because of windows media center which is a $10 download & worth it)

Asus 7770 HD  graphics card

Galaxy version 01 case

The case is why I'm writing in the forum. In my first attempt everything was the same as above with the exception of the mobo and cpu. Which I broke because I was far to heavy handed. My outlook is that this a learning experience and a fun hobbie. So it's like rebuilding a chevy small block, expensive, time consuming but worth it in the end. On to my point! The case looks like I will have to cut out the 2nd through 7th expansion slots if I want to add additional cards. The first one can be removed by a screw while the others are flemsy peices of metal. I do not want to break anything else. Does anyone have any clue on options or if taking a dremmel to the back is even an issue?

Are you re-using any parts?What's the main purpose of the rig?

As for your case,i am unfamiliar with that case,but i don't think a power tool would be required.Perhaps it's a snap off type of metal piece? I mean,there should be screws somewhere so that whatever expansion cards you are using can be screwed into place.

Tanks for the information, they are metal snap offs. I'm just a little gun shy about snapping stuff off. I plan on using it for light gaming, video editing and media center. 

You went overkill on the motherboard,CPU and PSU.Not that they're bad or anything.I'd have to be an idiot to call the sabertooth a bad board.What i'm trying to say is that the money could have been better utilized.

The FX8320 would have fit your needs better.The 99X Evo from Asus for the motherboard and a 500-600W PSU would have been great.Used the savings from that into a a better GPU like the  7870 or R9 270

You aren't planning on serious overclocking and running multiple GPUs,are you?

Sorry for the long absence, my original build was much less ambitious than this one. It was an A10 6800k and Asus A88 mother board. After I was a bit to heavy handed I started looking more into scope into future possibilities. I have been a console gamer practically all my life. You get a box, set it up play it that's it just get a new box every 5 or so years. So during the massive over time I have been working I thought why not while I have the extra cash. I've watched/read every tek syndicate, lynus, tom's hardware, review, guide possible to understand the best route and mind set. I went in with the the future in mind, the board is the pc in essence you can change literally every other bit but change the board it's a new pc. The chip you rarely change but not much need to with the 8350 that I found on sale. To your point you are right the 8320 is an incredible chip I could have easily went with it. People should do more builds and OC research with it. I went with the 7770 due to price vs what I need at the time. It seams the graphics card is the most changed thing on the board especially with the bit mining and new console launch. Which is artificially inflating the price on graphics cards. When prices stabilize I want to upgrade to a 770 or possibly the 270. With the way OT at work is going I can build my friend a PC and get him on this side of the fence as well. 

***To the point of overclocking, yes sometime in the future I do want to look into it. I do not feel I have enough information or experience at the moment to go down the road. I will post more in the forums, watch how to's and read more before I delve into those dangerous waters. I'm glad I found the tek everyone here seems like they are honestly interested in the spread of knowledge, discussion and helping there fellow person. And suddenly my nose feels very brown. eeewwww

Actually,you'd be better off getting a nvidia card.Its the AMD cards that have inflated prices. The 770 is a heck of a card. The 270 is not exactly a match for the 770.

The more we have in this party,the better it  gets. I understand where you are coming from. Just put the disc in and the game is good to go.Easy as hell. But as you as have realized by now,the PC is SO much more.


Have you bought and assembled the machine?

Purchased, assembled and working incredibly well. Downloaded office 2013 which came with a free copy of Bioshock Infinite from newegg. Now in my off time getting all my old files moved over from my older lap top. My buddy wants to play the upcoming elder scrolls mmorpg with his laptop I just haven't found away to tell he needs a better system if he wants to go a pc route. I plan on downloading some scare games to show him the value of an actual desktop build. The ability to upgrade in a tower, to replace, mix, match parts is just to great. He is also an artist, draws, sculpts he could do a lot with the right equipment. I want to play the hard old school eye of the beholder from the snes days. Sorry I tend to ramble from time to time. I have noticed a lot of conversations around bottle necking. Is that something directly related to the cpu speed? 

Bottlenecking is having some component in your computer that prevents other components from operating at their full potential.

This is quite obvious if you have a monster graphics card, such as the GTX 780ti, but with something like a $50 Pentium CPU.  It's also obviously not optimal to purchase a super duper CPU, such as the i7-4930k, and then have a graphics card such as the HD 7750.  You want to balance the components so that each part can work up to the standards that the other parts in your system can handle.

SomeTechNoob put it well.Can't say it any better.

For your friend,you should also mention that the case itself is a canvas.Up to him to customize it as he sees fit. Laptops aren't necessarily bad. The gaming laptops have quite a bit of grunt in them.Downside is that they are ridiculously expensive and you lose all ability to pick and choose. There are small factor PC cases for your friend to consider when you induct him into the club.

 Thanks Some Tech Noob, Leboz