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Build Assistance, AIO Radiator Question

Making some progress with my current build (build log coming soon), going over the best parts to choose from and need some opinions on what I should try.
So in short Im carrying over my ASUS GTX 1070 Strix from my current build to my next build which is in a Phanteks Evolv Shift case. I will be upgrading to an R7 3700x and want to get the best cooling I can for it in the confined space that I am using, however the Cooler I was hoping to use (Corsair H80i V2) has a thick radiator and well… I found a guy who actually managed to make it fit but good lord this is close!

As you can see there’s very little room but it looks like it will just fit. Looking at my



the heatsink fins aren’t open to the flow of the warm air coming from the radiator… but that got me thinking; what if I made the fan under the radiator pull air instead of push?
Would that be better (considering I have a cold intake fan literally next to the gpu and radiatorr), or would the proximity of those parts just be bad in general?
I know pull will raise the temps a bit and at that point maybe it would be just better to go with a thinner rad and push pull maybe… but maybe if I get a 5700xt down the road I could get a shorter GPU to leave space for another fan.

What’s do you think?

From what you wrote, I understood the configuration is like this:

I don’t see any way to improve that.
Push pull on a thinner radiator is not going to be worth it.

One thing you could try is to ramp up the exhaust fans to higher RPM than intake to help pull air through the case. Allthough at that point you may be cycling air from the I/O section without affecting cooling at all.

Just to clarify this was another persons build and from what I saw in his build pictures yes that’s how he has it, however I want to turn that rad intake into an exhaust making it a pull only configuration so spin that orange arrow 180 degrees lol. The mods I’m doing in the case will make it the second exhaust fan so my case will have two intakes and two exhaust fans and I’m hopeful that it will bring in enough cool air to make the pull configuration decent for cooling.

I dont think thats going to change hardly anything.


Could you draw in your planned airflow pattern?

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my thoughts exactly but I just wanted more opinions on the matter before going forward with it :+1:

Green line shows where im placing a fan

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Without directing the airflow of the top intake, the top section will not contribute anything to cooling.

Why not have both top fans as exhaust and radiator and lower fan as intake?

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I could give that a try, in my build log I was going to test some fan placement thermal testing (along with filters vs no filters thermal testing) to see what was the most effective placement in this case. I’ll give that a shot

Alright I’ll go ahead with the purchase, Build log should be in a month or two since I’m waiting on black friday/cyber monday to get some good discounts, and then testing will take a week maybe. SoonTM

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I would leave the bottom as intake and keep more intake than exhaust for the simple reason that it will keep the case positive and help keep dust from finding its way in through other places.

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I do that by having 2x 140mm as intake and 2x 120mm as exhaust.
And the max RPM is 300 more on the 140s aswell (by spec, not by setting) so the “silent” preset can just do its thing.

I do it by having 5 intake and 1 exhaust :yay: