Build Advice

So I was just thinking if this build would be good at gaming(like really good) and if anyone could give me suggestions. Right now this is just more of thing on the side, building theoretical pcs, but I am going to save up and actually get something like this.

So just give me advice, suggestions, revised builds etc. please.

Everything about that looks fine (imo) but you may not even need that CPU Cooler unless you're going to overclock. 

If you are gonna go for SLI, 3770k is a must  (and a minimum)if you want to avoid gpu bottlenecking

So that kinda raised a price a bit...

I reccomend against going out and buying two graphics cards at the same time. Crossfire is ok for upgrading, but the heat and power consumption can make it a hassle.

If I OCed the 2500k to like 4.7GHz would it still bottleneck?

I was wondering what CPU to choose for a while and I'd seen some 8350 benchmarks and they were almost on par with the other ones but i was unsure. Also if I was doing purely gaming how much RAM would I need?

You only need 8gb for gaming.

I would think so, but why insisting on a dual gpu set up?

If you are playing in 2560x1440 then there would be a resaosn to sli/cf

Otherwise, drop it...


Here is my advice if you are all for SLI setup

So I was thinking this: 

or this:

And the reason i keep choosing water cooling is because i would be OCing to 4.5 - 5.0GHz

nice build only chance the cpu to i7 3770k and why do you need 1000W psu ? thats crazy overkill and to expensive!

those 2 cards in sli you can runn without any problems on 750W 80+ or 850W 80+

Like this?

And could I run this but switch to a 3570k?

yeah thats much better  realy, and that i7 3770k you dont have to oc

for gaming you could also switch to a 3570k yes if you like.  but deffanetley one of those 2 cpus :).

But maybe better keep the i7 and take a diffrent cooler, a cheaper liquid cooler cooler master saidom

If I got a different one, should I get a 240mm or 120mm Rad?

You would be good with a 3570k or 8350. Get a better PSU thought. 1000 watts is overkill.