Build a PC or buy one?

I want to get into pc gaming I’ve been a console guy up till now and I want to spend around $600 dollars.  So my question is can I buy any pc’s for this price or will I need to build one with the parts list from one of the builds on this site.  Any advice would be great!!

You will most certainly get more for your money building your own, and providing you are willing to try doing it then I highly recomend giving it a shot. You are coming in at a great time for pc builders. It's becoming very very easy to assemble you own pc. Everything only fits one way so you can't screw up that bad if you don't use that much force.

Here is a link to Logans 550 PC componant list. I'd say this is a great place to start your build, and this will beat the shit out of any counsle in terms of performance and video quality.

Agreed, building your own PC will usually mean the difference between a dual core or a quad. Or a Okay GPU and a Good GPU.

Thanks I thought that would be my best bet.  One more question where's a good place to buy parts?

America: Amazon, Newegg, NCIX, Microcenter. You can use to help you get the best prices.

Canada: Amazon, Newegg, NCIX, DirectCanada. Again,


This (or something comparable) is going to be my first build. I'm switching to PC because i need a new hobby and i'm not buying a next gen console. I like my 360 but i don't play shooters and want to get into some MMO's which you just can't do on a console. I have about $600 to $hit away so i'm gonna get going on it soon. If the build goes well and i like PC gaming the plan is to upgrade abit in the first year or so then eventually put together a really nice rig.