BUFFALO 8-Port 10 Gigabit Switch

Wondering any one has any experience with this switch or one similar? I haven't found any reviews pertaining to it.

Buffalo 8 Port 10 Gigabit Switch - Amazon link


10GigEbaseT is a thing, but very expensive.

Most people have been running SFP+ ports with direct attach SFP+ cables. You can get used enterprise 10Gig SFP+ 'top of rack' switches for a couple hundred bucks with 48 10Gig SFP+ ports.

SFP+ cables are like $10-$20 depending on charactetristics

The prices are starting to come down slowly. This is the cheapest full 10Gbase-t switch I've seen so far. The Netgear XS708E-200NES is the only other one that I've seen that's under 1k. It's dropped $100 from it's original price but this Buffalo switch is still $200 less. I have a switch with 2 10gb sfp+ ports but I've got a couple of 10Gbase-t NIC's that I want to make use of.

Its like $100 for a dual port(Intel X540-T2 10G Dual RJ45 Ports PCI-Express Ethernet Converged Network Adapter)

I have two of those and 1 Asus ROG 10Gexpress or w/e its called.

Note to anyone who gets one of those X540s they def need solid air flow across them. I had minimal air flow and the card kept dropping out on my pfSense box.

10GigEbaseT isn't as expensive as it once was, it still provides more bandwidth than most household's need, I am doing to install by myself 10GigEbaseT, it is only going to cost me about $800 dollars to install the cabling and outlets for an 8 port 10GibEbaseT. of corse, I will have to buy a new switch but that shouldn't cost any more than another $1000 dollars. It isn't an inexpensive project but not really prohibitively expensive neither.

I haven't had any experience with this type of switch, but I would be very interested in any information about it. As to finding reviews on this particular switch, I would suggest a google search.

It would be interesting to see if it supports MultiGig networks with 802.11bz. I don't see that it does on their site, but if they thought it through, it should.

If they didn't mention support for MultGig networks, I would assume the device doesn't support MultiGig Networks, also It is an unmanaged switch, the Netgear XS708E-200NES is the better buy, even though it is $200 dollars more because the Netgear XS708E-200NES is a smart switch while the Buffalo 8- port 10 Gigabit switch is a dumb switch.

I did do a search before posting. I didn't see anything on any listing with a customer review nor any tech websites with a write-up posted. I've been hoping to see more 10gig capable switches come onto the market since ASUS put out their switch and started offering a 10 gig nic in their ROG lineup.

Probably will be another year or two or maybe this computex. You can check out the ubquiti 16 port 4 copper 12 sfp+

Honestly unless terminated correctly most of the time GG-45 (commonly known as RJ-45). if you are going to invest in this endeavor and you are hell bent going the standard rj45 connector route then you will want a properly setup netgear or cisco or my personal choice.. UBIQUITI switch setup for shield connections (metal case).

I find thats the best way to achieve it in that case. However when we did my house it was relatively easy to do fiber optics instead. the initial investment was higher but the ROI and depreciation of being able to just upgrade the units on either end really does pay off that and I really wanted to do it.

The middle route is a properly setup SFP+ system and cable. This setup provides the best connection quality and resilience in a setup. See alot of problems people have with 10 gBe is that its not totally up to spec with noise and termination quality etc which leads to reduced throughput or even link loss or reduction to 1 gBe.. I have seen it. Its worth researching and doing right. @NetBandit seems knowledgeable enough to help you find SFP+ switches :wink:

I already have a switch with 10 gig sfp+ ports. I've been using it for years. I'm not trying to compare between sfp+ and 10gbase-t. I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this particular switch or one like it such as the 12 port model.

I havent used this particular switch but I have used a buffalo router/ap combo and it was absolute garbage (kept resetting for no known reason and throughput was pretty awful). Obviously that probably doesnt mean much for this product but judging by my past personal experience...I would not personally go for anything buffalo. YMMV.

I've never used any Buffalo products before so thanks for the heads up. This switch does come with a lifetime warranty though. I've been considering picking up a Netgear ProSAFE 10 gig web managed switch since they dropped in price but I saw this one.