Budget & Reliable 400W PSU?

Hello again.

I am on the market for a new PSU. I currently have a 300W PSU, which needs to be replaced in order to work efficiently with a new GPU I am going to purchase. I have searched around the web, but I am not very knowledgeable on the brands and specs that one must look for when searching for a good PSU. I have come to you guys once again in search for assistance on finding a reliable and budget PSU, with a 400W-480W rated wattage.

EDIT: My PC case is ATX styled.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


How much are you looking to spend?

Preferably $30-$40.

I like the CX 430 from Corsair. Some people talk shit about them but I have used them extensively and never had a problem. They are 80+ Bronze certified and can be had in modular or non modular versions and can be had on sale for $20-40.

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Non Modular model? And what does it mean by Builders Series?

These are some pretty decent PSU's nothing special. Like @DerKrieger said, the cx 430 is a good choice if you can find it for cheap. I'm not usually a Corsair fan, but I have several of those and never had an issue.

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Modular means some of the cables come off to save space. So like if you don't need a floppy or molex connector they come off. Non modular means they are fixed.
There is also a 500W one which is sometimes on sale for a similar price.

Builder Series is just the model.

@DerKrieger Is the EVGA mentioned by @Big_Al_Tech any good?

EVGA had a previous 400 odd watt PSU that had issues in the past. The one that I posted I have used and can say that it's been working for 2+ years so far.

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Alright, but do you know if it would be a good replacement for the current PSU that I am using? Will it have all the same connections? (I have no idea what each of the PSU Connections are called. Noob here...)

Here is a link to an website that should list the correct connections of my current PSU: http://www.pc-specs.com/psu/Liteon/Liteon_PS-5301-08HF/1187

It should and more, do you have a graphics card in your system? If so it has to only have a 6pin power connection anything more powerful the psu is not going to be compatible.

Yes, I have a GPU in my system. It uses PCI-E Power. I am ordering a new GPU to go with the PSU, and it too runs on the PCI-E power. I may upgrade to a more powerful GPU that will make use of the connector in the future.

I may get the EVGA PSU. I'll look more into it and see. Thank you for your suggestions! I greatly appreciate it! Be sure to let me know of anything else that would be helpful for someone in this situation. :)

Will do, happy building ;)

@Big_Al_Tech Quick Question. This PSU has a 4 + 4-Pin EPS12V connector. Well this work with the single ATX12V1 CPU slot on my motherboard?

It will work with either a 4 or 8pin cpu power connections.

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Alright. Guess this is the one!