Budget PC Need Help

I was asked by my friend to help him build his first PC. He needs the computer do a little of everything. He games a little bit, wants to video edit, and just overall a fast experience.

His budget is $500 and its pretty strict. I know thats kinda small for what he needs out of it but it doesn't have to be the best computer ever just best for the money.

At first I was looking at AMD APU's, thinking they are low cost, but im not sure if they are powerful enough.

I was also thinking about the AMD 8350, as Logan always talks about it being great Price:Performance.

But im having a hard time keeping the budget, so im here.


To elaborate further, some of the games he is interested in playing are: Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, GTA IV, Battlefield.

For editing he will probably be using Premiere.


Any suggestions will be helpful.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/NMVtQ7 Should be able to get medium settings on most every game in 1080p :)

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kF4XnQ This would be my suggestion for you. In gaming this will perform a little better, and is within your budget, but in editing, this build loses for the FX 6300, since it is a 6 core cpu, and a bit more powerful. But for basic editing and gaming, this would be a farily good build :)

Hope I helped :)

Thank you guys for your help. Defiantly gave me some good choices.

+1 from me.

Some pricing changed: