Budget Pc Help

G'day, i am currently at a standstill and dont know wether to buy an amd a8-6600k and just buy a 7770 when i get the money or buy a intel celeron G1610 and get a 7770. if i got the 6600k and bought the 7770 later it would be alot faster on the graphics front due to the crossfire between the integrated graphics and the 7770. So what do you think i should do? With this pc i would be using software like flash, photoshop, sony vegas, and other programs of the sort. Also could you recommend some pc games? some fun FPS' and indie games as well as some pc exclusives that i have missed out on because of my crappy imac with a 2400... My other parts include:

cougar archon w/500w psu


Geil 4gb 1600 MHz ddr3


Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H (will change depending on cpu)


segate baracuda 1TB


Any thoughts would be helpful. Thankyou :D 


Celeron is Intel's low end processor series, go for the apu + gpu config.

What about the pentium g2020 or the 2120? Honestly I would rather go with that over the amd so i can just fret an i7 and not have to upgrade the motherboard.

Can you crossfire those two?  I thought there were restrictions on what you could combine the APUs with.

Yes the Pentium G2120 is cheap and fast.  Like MrMan says, it is socket 1155 so there are many opportunities for upgrading later, if desirable.

That's the route I am planning for my next build.

MrMan, here is Tek's video from last year that contrasts these two choices:


You can combine them, but you'll probably end up with micro studdering...i would go with a 760K and a 7790. You can upgrade to kaveri next year and if you believe the leaked benches, it will wipe the floor with Intels Haswells. 25-30% more IPC then the current Richlands and the 760K is as fast as the cheap i5s.

I'd take a quad core amd cpu, like an Athlon X4 750K and try to get a HD 7850

I am trying t o find a place that sells the x4 750k in Australia but I am having trouble finding one. But if I do I will pick it up for Sure. But if I have to I will wait a bit longer and buy a higher end CPU.