Budget laptop advice?

I'm thinking of getting a new laptop to better suit my needs:

  • youtube watching and web browsing
  • word processing
  • a bit of coding and compiling
  • light gaming (Minecraft, Doom, Quake 3 etc.)
  • decent battery life
  • lightweight
  • low cost

I'm also a linux user (i3 on Arch) and have been looking at things like the HP Stream 11/13 or a Chromebook and putting linux on it. However, I'm no too keen on the bright blue/pink of the stream or a search button instead of caps lock on the Chromebooks. Are there any simmilarly priced laptops available with semi-decent specs? An optional extra would be upgradable RAM or hard drive but these are not neccesary.

Thanks if anyone could help.

Now this wouldn't really be a new laptop exactly, but older business series laptops might work for you. Something like a Dell Latitude or a Thinkpad, which, even though they're not very light, are quite well built, cheap usually, and in most cases in quite good shape. You can, in any case, find large replacement batteries, and in some cases, put a second battery in the laptop instead of a DVD drive. Most of them use Intel integrated graphics, DOOM and Quake should run.

Thanks for the suggestion but I would prefer it to be relatively new and light. I did find this though: http://www.dell.com/us/p/inspiron-14-3451-laptop-ubuntu/pd?ref=PD_Family
Unfortunately currently only available in the US so I'll have to wait until it's available in Australia (where I live)