Budget Haswell build


 This is a budget Haswell rig I'm working on for a, friend I need some opinions thanks.

no mechanical hdd? smaller ssds tend to have a shorter lifespan though. rest looks ok.

Or you could go ivy 


 Oh it's because he already has a mechanical hard drive we can cannibalize

rather go the haswell way now, it's newer and more future proof, and a ittle better in many regards. All you'd have to change is the motherboard to a z87-K which is a little cheaper but not for overclocking. You only need a CX 430 corsair power supply for this. With the costs haved off you could buy an i7

You didn't mention what this is for, if it's for gaming, you'd better stick to i5 and invest in a 760/660 or a 7850/7870 now

It's for gaming (but not maxed out) and I have considered going with a h87-pro or a z87-k what else can I do to shave off a couple washingtons (Yes, I live in 'merica)?

you need a kit of dual channel memory = 2X4Go or 2X2Go or 2X8Go

ASUS H87-plus or ASUS B85M

If you live near a microcenter, the 4570 is only $159!