Budget Gaming System ($800USD)

Hi guys,


I am curious about an APU system that would cost about USD$800. What would your recommendations be for an APU build now that the A-10 7850k is out? Should I get it over the other APUs? Should I just save and get powerful single cores from intel instead? Should I just build this system with an APU without adding a graphics card own the road?

If possible I would prefer to purchase from Amazon as I do not live in the USA and I pretty much only trust Amazon... :)


If i do build this system, I would be gaming and mostly consuming media at 1080p. Might also consider a 21:9 ratio monitor when it gets cheaper.

Oh and i'm not sure if it's worth mentioning but I will be dual booting windows 8.1 with ubuntu


- I do not know anything about AMD cpus / motherboards therefore would like to hear your opinions!

An $800 system doesn't need an APU. Get yourself a dedicated video card like a GTX 760 along with a processor like an FX 8320. 

Also, is this price is not including the monitor and other things, correct? (Meaning you already have those or is a separate purchase?) 

yes, that is correct.

So the best option would be to get a dedicated GPU with a CPU preferably from AMD because of their price over intel?

Yep. You can go for an i5 if you like, but it isn't going to make much of a difference in gaming compared to an 8350 or 8320. An i5 is useful for single threaded or professional work. 

Yeah, with that budget, you can get a nice FX-6300 and a pretty nice GPU like a GTX 760

but what if i would want an ITX build? is that possible in this price range?


Athlon II X4 750K + GTX 760/R9 270X


Find equivalents in your country, and you should be good to go.

Expensive PSU because of the efficiency and there are some PSU limitations in the Node 304.  If you think you can handle wiring, I have my Node 304 wired up with an XFX Core Edition PRO550w.