Budget gaming computer $450

I was given the task by a friend to build a PC to play games like HL2, Black Mesa and Borderlands 2 with a budget of around $400. After reading up builds and benchmarks I came to the conclusion to go with an Intel i3 as they seem to have a lot of power behind them for a Dual core with four threads. 

My location is Australia, so the price varies quite a bit as a pose to US pricing.

Here's the build I've got. I've already got the HDD/OS covered. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1O8Bk

  • CPU - Intel i3 3240 $135
  • MOB - MSI B75MA-E33 B75 $59
  • RAM - 4G Single 1600 Patriot-S $44
  • GPU - 2G 7750 Gigabyte OC $94
  • PSU - ANTEC VP-450P PSU $57
  • DVD - MSI DH-20AS6 20x DVD $16
  • CASE - Thermaltake USB3.0 Commander MS-II $58
  • Total - $463 AUD


Tell me what you think, or what I can change, these parts and pricing are from MSY.com.au, due to them being t he only place in my area with good prices + pickup.


Try squeezing in two of those RAM modules into the budget, or plan to get a second one soon after. Otherwise it should be a good system for the money. I suppose there aren't many more reasonably well looking cases to choose from. ;) (I kid)

Gosh, such a small budget.  If you could find a cheaper case and stick an HD 7850, it would perform a lot better.



this would be better and unless he is going to be watching blurays get a normal disc drive they are much cheaper.

I agree with ragingh4vok; use the athlon 750k. its what im using right now and its a beast for the money. Do you absolutely need an optical drive? The Corsair CX500 is only 3 dollars more expensive (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139028). I am also using it and its great.

Lots of the parts you linked are a lot more expensive in his location, AU, and some are not even available :/

For a low budget like that you might want to go with an AMD APU, the graphics on them arr not that bad, however you will want to get faster ram for an APU

Roqj your build is fine. You could get 750k that should free up like $50 and put that into a videocard like 7850