Budget Gaming Build

I want to get the best ITX or MATX build for £600.  

Also what is the difference between a FX 6300 and i5 4570. For example FPS in games and other activities. 

I was thinking this. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/2z1gP

I could shave £30 off if i go with the FX 6300.

Thanks in advance

Well, If I were you, I'd probably go with the 6300 as it easily overclocks to 4+Ghz, I'm not sure what kind of cooling it would require, but if you find a decent cooling solution, you'd be able to overclock the CPU untill it hurts. Pun intended

You won't be able to use the FX 6300 in an mitx or matx configuration as I have not seen any AM3+ socket boards at that form factor. You'd have to go an Athlon or APU if going for the AMD option. I'm not sure about the performance of the i5 4570.

Asrock has 2 Matx boards for AM3+ on the site he's getting his parts from

I stand corrected then. I prefer AMD at this price point simply due to pricing so I would go the 6300 or even a 8320 if saving up is an option.

M-ATX boards for AM3+ are shit, especially if you're going to be overclocking.  If the difference between the 4570 and 6300 build is a mere 30 pounds, I would go Intel.

If i go AMD i will be able to get a 120gb SSD. Is it worth it?

Probably, but as one said, the Matx for AM3+ are pretty bad, so I would go Intel. If you decide to go AMD, the stock cooler will do a good enough job unless you are OCing. But if you're not OCing you should stick with the Intel.

moral of the story... AMD is cheap and great for gaming... but don't buy AMD FX CPUs unless you're willing to go full ATX

This and exactly this.


I had to go with Intel for my ITX build, and don't regret it.