Budget console killer (part list look over)

So i posted here about a week ago i want it be upgrade able and with your guy's help i got this list  


I'm not looking to play bf4 on ultra by any means but if i could play on low settings i'd be happy i really want to play games like gta 5, fall out, borderlands i need os with this build my original budget was 500$ with os but i decided to put the budget at 450$ without os thank you guys so much this is my first build i've watched many pc build videos and i really want to switch to pc gaming thank you guys so much you've all been a great help

if that cooler is really $10 buy it quick.


650 watts for future crossfire

crossfire 7850 with a ahtlon. and the mobo doesn't support crossfire so the psu is good. cpu cooler is good but make sure it supports fm2. and i don't know if the site has good reviews cuz 10$ for that cooler is really really cheap. also go with gskill 2133mhz 2x4gb kit. same price and games like bf4 like having faster ram. and it is the same price so why not. gskill is a good company.

don't buy the cooler. if you go to the site it is only 1 fan.



if you want a cpu cooler for oc the cpu i think you should buy a better mobo. it is pretty cheap so don't expect to much. the t40 or t20 is really good for the money and beat the hyper 212 evo and if you want you can put a second fan on the t40 for better performance in the future. i don't know if the t40 fits with the ram but the ram is just amazing for that price and even cheaper than the ram on your build. it is 2400 and the mobo supports up to 2133mhz but that's not a big deal. you can manually clock it to 2400mhz or keep it at 2133mhz if you want.

Stock coolers aren't THAT bad as people usually say they are.  I would just use the stock cooler at stock clocks until you decided to get something like a Hyper 212.

Also I like this build the best, as of the ones posted here while I type.