Budget Building

I love TekSyndicate's computer builds, so I've started a blog in which I find the components that I think would go best together and just show the best build I can for a budget. This is my most recent build, and gave myself a $600 budget.


Have fun reading, hope you like it, and give feedback if you wish.



get a different main board+

That would probably be fine for an AMD FX-4300.

May I ask why?

Weak 4+2 power design, and has no heatsink on the VRMs.  It should be fine for a 4 core AMD CPU, but anything with more cores (esp. FX-8320/8350) will draw too much power and likely kill the motherboard.

You, my friend, make a good point. I will take that into consideration when I do my 6 core AMD build. Thanks a lot.