Budget 1920x1080 monitor?

180€ MAX.
Not more than 5ms latency best of course would be 1ms.
I don't expect much customization options because I do not play with monitor settings anyway...

ASUS VS247HR (or the slightly larger VS248H) and BenQ GL2450 are good options and seem to fall into the 150€ range. The ASUS panels are fairly nice with good options, but are prone to backlight bleed along the edges. The BenQ I do not know much about, other than it's extremely popular.

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Ok the Case is Closed.
I go with the ,,ASUS VS247HR " , and thanks to Fouquin.

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benQ and look for a cheaper one i personnally love BenQ along with others. my friends love their BenQ GL2450. Its relatively cheap and good for a budget.

Just look for the lowest price 1080p IPS display

if you look for cheap and good enough - take a look at AOC - they ain't bad. (with asus you're paying for brand just keep in mind)

Iiyama monitors.

Currently I have the X2783HSU. 1080p 4ms, AMVA+ panel, HDMI, DVI, VGA. All mod-cons. 27 inch.