BSOD Help please

Hello, ever since I bought my PC in early january of 2013 (I didnt know how to build at the time, wish I did), I have had BSOD's quite often, often once or twice in a week.  I never decided to do anything until now, because I am just fed up with it, getting me banned from CSGO or killing a rendering video


The links:

(Notice:  They are copies, as I couldnt get the actual ones to go into dropbox :L)


Running AIDA64 and Unigine to test


EDIT: Been runing AIDA64 and Unigine straight for about 15 minutes, nothing has happened, will leave on overnight to see if it crashes.

those links do nothing for me. Load the pictures into something like imgur and repost them.

Pictures?  :L


What exactly do you mean by pictures?  The .dmp's?  If so, how would I open them?

you may find this thread informative, let us know what you find. thanks!