Brutal metal is not music

God damn stereotypes.

We need more logan_facepalm.gif

I agree with his statements.

Putting all stereotypes aside, I also agree with what he was saying. Not all of it, but I agree that Metal can be good but that unintelligible growling "music" is trash.

It most definatly is music/art and whichever moron says otherwise has their head firmly planted in the depths of there asshole. Grind/deathcore is just a different form of music. They dont want you to like their music, they dont do it to get rich and famous, they do it to express themselves and there are people who feel passionate about it no matter how bad it can be. Thats like me saying pop isn't music but no matter how much i hate it, katy perry is still a musician. Peice of shit yes, but still an artist. They probably dont stand by their lyrics like Mayhem or Deicide but its the release of agression thats the key here and if your not tormented on a daily basis by pop culture then death/grindcore will not be as appealing. 

Mcdonolds is still food, Glee is still a T.V. show, and Bush was still a President.

Pay no atention to him its just PMrants

I watched the video and I'm still trying to figure out what an "Anal Cunt" is.

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I've got to be honest, I agreed with him throughout the video.

You've got to have cut-off points for music somewhere, otherwise anything could be called music. Including babies crying.

babies crying sounds like music to me


queue evil laugh!!!


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All sound is music. Even the lack of sound is music. John Cage proved that with 4'33. Taste is an individual matter. Back in the days of Mozart and Chopin it was different, music had to be set out and structured. But now the term abstract is so popular that you can go to an art museum and listen to an hours lecture about a blob of paint on a canvas. Unfortunately, opinion isn't given a choice in the matter. All sound is music when arranged in some way, whether or not you like it.

personaly i dont like those speed metal death metal and all that kind of stuff.

to me its inportant how somebody is mastering his/her instrument wenn playing.

i realy like good guitar solo´s , to me Iron Maiden is one of those bands wo have realy nice guitar solo´s  very nice guitar sounds.

but there are more realy good guitar players like slash, or Dave musstaine.


I don't think Brutal Metal is music. Even if it is, I've heard fire alarms more "musical", and would rather listem to them. I like lots of metal, but not when it's confused with the sound of a constipated whale.

I agree. I'm not really partial to brutal or deathcore. But saying something isn't music is competently incorrect. Music, and all art, is wholly subjective.

How can one not like this?


mmmmmmmmm thats music to my ears!

Na Dutch Hardcore music sounds better then :)

that kind of metal is a bit to hard for me, its not that i dont like it but, i like  iron maiden more  those fantastic guitar sounds :P  and solo´s thats what i realy miss in those kinds of metal. nice guitar solo´s ☻

It's repetitive noise, it isn't creative and it sounds like all other screamo and deathcore.

Music is one of the most subjective forms of expression. Just because somebody doesn't like a certain style or genre of music, doesn't mean it's not music. It still is, whether or not you agree. I listen to brutal styles like Brutal Death Metal, Slam Death, and Grindcore. I like a lot of bands in those styles, I also hate a lot of bands. While I do agree that a lot of Grindcore bands are very chaotic and seem to have no rhythm whatsoever. Bands like XXX Maniak, Fuck...I'm Dead, Birdflesh, or Last Days Of Humanity, don't have much discernible rhythm and sound like a complete clusterfuck of noise to people who don't listen to that type of music, but it is still music. You might hate that kind of music, but it doesn't change the fact that it is what it is - a style of music that you hate. And most Brutal bands do have rhythm. Even Grind bands

I mean I can come up with some random standards for what is considered music as well: Mozart's music is not actually music because it's too old to be considered music; Rap is not music because they're just talking into a microphone; Drone Doom is not music because It's just ambient noise; Techno/Trance is not music because it was created on some dude's MacBook; Tribal music is not actually music because it's just repetitve hand drumming; Opera is not music because there are no instruments involved. I don't like any of those styles, ok I like some Rap, but I'd still call it music.

All I wonder is what he's trying to reach with this video? It clearly won't change anybodys opinion.