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Browser Wars


This is awesome!

gonna have to give it a go next time I get a minute.


Tried it out since start of November on Android and as expected of Chrome had no real issues. Only thing is playing certain videos where it just crashes when you try to go forward or backward, but Chrome does that too, so… yeah. Not using it on Desktop though.

As the source isn’t really super-obviously placed, it’s here:


I think it is a good time to mention that Firefox Quantum has been officially released as of today. I have been using it since last week through their Beta channel, and I can attest that it is indeed very, very fast. I had moved-on from Firefox to Chrome several years ago thanks to Chrome’s superior speed. Now I can say Firefox is on-par if not better, plus it looks modern without changing too much of their familiar layouts and GUI design choices. Definitely worth checking out.


I’m partial to Vivaldi myself. But i like tweaking and customizing endlessly. And gestures, i love gestures.


I just downloaded it to try it out!

I’m wondering if I can import all my other FF stuff




of course, how silly of me not to think it. Just bookmarks tho! never the other junk.


Just downloaded FF Quantum to test out, but Vivaldi, Vivaldi is good, not sure if i’m going to swap…


I was pretty impressed by Vivaldi when I tried it too. The only reason I didn’t stick with it was the lack of Sync and how incredibly slow the devs have been implementing the feature. Might definitely give it another shot in the future.


Well, that’s the Opera people for you, they wanna do it right. Same reason they haven’t released M3 yet. It “works”, but they don’t think its market-ready yet.


If i say so myself, i prefer it this way, i rather wait for a complete feature than a barely usable one.
The browser itself is very good, very fast, i use it on the job and at home.
And for a sync temporary replacement, i’ve been using Pocket for the last few months, i keep everything i need on a daily basis pinned to the speed dial, everything else i shove it on there.


Vivaldi in by far the best with safari honestly in a close second. I am work focuned, so the tab stackitg, tab sanboxitg, locking down of security so none of the chrome bs happens, and all of the shit that used to make opera the best browser on the market. Safari you can just hack and do whatever becaune its junt a webkit browser so you can build your own functiotality.

Other than those two, fuck em.


Gr8 b8


I’m completely serious.


Imo the only good thing that came out of Safari was Chromium and its decendents :X Just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: (been a while since I used Safari tho).


Does anyone know if there is an offline installer for this?

My employer’s group policy blocks it.


Check here.

EDIT: this may not be an offline installer. I’m not on windows so can’t really check.


Perfect, this bypassed the GP


Glad to help

Maybe you should rename the thread to GPO Wars. :smiley:


spoke too soon, at the end of the install gpo blocked it :frowning:

That’s okay, I’ll spin up a VM and install it there