Browser Wars

With W10 aggressively trying to force it’s users off the ‘Edge’ up to and including the terrible new Default Apps interface which may as well read “PLEASE TRY EDGE, PLEASE!! PLEASEEEE”…

What is the best browser? Show me geeky benchmarks. Show me flowcharts and specifications. What is the most private experience while still being fast enough to be competitive. This can be OS agnostic.


Probably Brave browser for lowest hassle, it is a open source and built off of chromium. Problem is that it doesn’t have any extensions so take that in account.

Maybe Firefox, but I heard Mozilla doing shady stuff

Don’t really have any empirical data on performance, but from just using the browser I don’t have any noticeable slowdowns

I’d just pick a open source browser off of this list

Try them out and find one you like


If it’s built off chromium, can’t it integrate the chromium API? Vivaldi does that and it works fine.

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Thanks for your suggestions, they definitely give me some clues. If you don’t mind me asking, do you have a source for any of Mozilla’s secret atrocities?

Thanks a lot

If you don’t like CNN, here’s the brietbart article on the same topic:


Thanks for the great links. I didn’t doubt they existed, I was admittedly to lazy / busy to search atm :smiley:

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There’s really 3 relevant browsers at the moment. IE/Edge, Chromium and Firefox.
Everything else is derivative of them.

There’s some that use KHTML but that hasn’t been relevant in a long time.
There’s really no reason to benchmark the same browsers :confused:


What browsers have there been that use KHTML?

konqueror was the first.

chrome, safari and opera support it.

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I don’t know if it still does but Konquerer used to.
And WebKit and later Blink were originally KHTML derivates (hence the agent string).


Still uses it.

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What are some of the benefits of KHTML versus regular HTML?

You are probably right, I use brave on mobile and occasionally on my desktop.
Mobile version on android is just like chrome on android with additional plugins.
The desktop version ui feels like firefox, but it feels pretty clunky.
I haven’t really looked into trying to enable extensions if I did I would probably switch off of chrome in a heartbeat

my use case

TBH I haven’t looked into the desktop windows version I use firefox when I am on windows.

On linux I just use chromium and firefox (brave is on the AUR, but I’m lazy and complacent on chromum/firefox)

I keep chrome for google hangouts and all in one messenger, and use chrome based browsers strictly for school and firefox for browsing on my desktop/laptop.


Not really sure…

I’m not a web expert.

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That’s fair. I’m not using brave on desktop, only mobile.

Some people on /g/ are calling Brave a botnet, but I haven’t really looked into why. Might just be shitposting, but I’m starting to get curious if there’s something to it.

looks like the current way is to clone the git and and dig into it

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KHTML is the rendering engine, not an HTML derivate.


OHHHH because it’s KDE that makes sense

Got it, thanks

Oh god, brave is based on electron?