Browser Extensions Signing

I am writing a plugin which was intended for Firefox, however as of lately "Mozilla requires all extensions to be signed by Mozilla in order for them to be installable in Release and Beta versions of Firefox.",

This is something that for various reasons contradicts my libertarian views so I'm looking for an alternative. I was wondering if one can install unsigned plugins on chromium (not chrome)? I couldn't find much info on the webz.
Any info would be appreciated.

I'm thinking about chromium or some FF fork like IceCat...


Chrome (and by extension, chromium) were actually the first people to implement extension signing like this. I believe on firefox you can disable extension signing in about:config. Also, Firefox's Nightly builds don't have extension signing IIRC.

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Interesting. Are you talking about this?

That would work, or you could use the Nightly or Developer Edition as outlined here. On those versions it's a simple toggle in preferences to disable signing.

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Thanks a lot!

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No problem!

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By the way, do you have any idea whether IceCat requires plugin signing as well?

I'm not sure but I'd be surprised if it does. It seems like the extension signing enforcement is only present on Mozilla-branded official builds.

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