Brother's Build

hey everyone,


so my brother is finally able to get a computer for himself. target games are BF4 and Minecraft. He will open up more as he gets into PC gaming. he is coming from console. i need some help decided his configuration though. here are the two options


APU: A10-7850K

RAM: Vengeance Pro 2x4GB 2133Mhz


CPU: FX-4130

GPU: R7-260X

RAM: Vengeance 2x4GB 1600Mhz


the price difference is only 20 dollars. and please dont say well go buy intel or get an 8350. his max budget is around a grand and that has to include kb/m, a monitor, and some shipping. thanks :)



Definitely go for the dedicated graphics card option. I am extremely happy your brother is converting to pc gaming, he will realise how fun and cheap it is.

Thanks. Do you think it would be worth upgrading him to an FX 6300? or should i get him going, OC the 4130, and help him upgrade later on.

That'll blow both completely out of the water...  if you really need to save money for shipping get a FX 6300 and call it a day

I have a similar build and it works for me just fine.

+1 on this build.