Broken sound after transferring Ubuntu install to new TR4 system

Just wondering if someone here can help me figure out an annoying little issue i am having.
I just transferred my Ubuntu 18.04 install from a 6700K based system to a new 2950x system running on an asrock fatal1ty x399 motherboard.

I had to purge and reinstall my nvidia graphics driver in order to rebuild the required kernel modules but other than that everything seems to be working fine except for my audio.

My microphone input has horrible crackling distortion and opening audacity completely bricks my mice input. But I decided to ignore this because i have a decent USB mic. Then discovered that if i boot qemu VM my audio output becomes horribly distorted.

I have a feeling this a similar to the graphics driver issue but i have no idea how to fix it. I tried reinstalling pulse audio via apt but that didn’t help.

Any ideas?

Yeah, I have the same board, and my onboard audio output ( or input ) has a terrible noise on the left channel. The front panel headphone and mic port work flawlessly though.

It’s apparently a known issue, and has been for a while. The Ubuntu developers “Won’t Fix’d” the issue because it was for 18.04 and not the latest release.

But fortunately the Kernel developers are working on it. Unfortunately, the fix hasn’t landed yet, even in 5.1.4.

Edit: For clarification, there is not a known fix yet. After testing with the PulseAudio folks they have determined that the bugs rely on ALSA.