Broken Hardware;Does it work?

i watched a bit too much Louis Rossmann.
Maybe someone enjoys this.

Asus P9X79E-WS with two burned VRM phases.

a little cleaning later


time for the dremel

That way of dremel-ing wasn't that smart.
This was smarter, like with armor on tanks, greater separation.

Filled it with epoxy resin after applying up to 12V to the 12V rail, and having less then 80mA of current draw through the damage.

After two hours on an open air test-bench it wen't into my main rig.

Turns out, the VRM gets to hot in the case and shuts off after 10min load or an hour Netflix.
Either that's because it's running on 6 of 10 phases because 2 are dead and i accidentally disabled the next two besides the dead ones :grin:

Or maybe Asus Heat-sink design sucked at that time.
Or the thermal-pads suck (EK). Welp, who knows.

Now i need to find a VRM-waterblock that fits.

Till later.


So if my computer catches on fire, I can just cut off the burnt part and plug it back in.


Be sure to cut or dremel out the burnt area, the corrosion will cause short circuits.

Nope, that makes no sense.
You normally have warranty.
I more or less do this as a hobby.
And it's not profitable at all.

Anyone who'd by that board ? I doubt it.