Broken Ethernet - ASROCK Fatal1ty X299 Gaming K6

Just today one of the ethernet ports on my motherboard stopped working. The other one still works but the blinking lights indicate 100Mbps mode even though speedtest . net shows 900+ Mbps.

I’m open to the idea of installing new drivers and BIOS… but it was working fine up until today so I would like to explore other troubleshooting options before that.

The port that is not working is the Intel I219V.

I don’t get on forums often, so if I left out some important information please let me know and I’ll be happy to provide it

Reinstall the driver. Maybe Windows broke them. There is a possibility of a port breaking on a hardware level over time, but given that both ports not working correctly I would guess the driver installation is broken.

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Try and boot a Linux USB and see if the ethernet actually works and not a hardware issue.

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Actually only the Intel I219V port is not working. The other one is still working.

Good recommendation, I’ll give it a shot

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