Broadcast TV is dying and it is killing good shows along with it

Back a long time ago we had a cable ran directly into a TV and we had less than 100 channels. Everything was decoded by the TV its self. There was no Hulu, Netflix, or any other streaming service at the time. Every show got a fair rating and there was a demand for it.

Since streaming services does not give rating stats to Nielsen ratings our shows suffer when we become cord cutters. They have no way of knowing what we watch we we rely solely on streaming services. However this in not a shill for everyone to keep paying for a crappy signal and an outdated cable box that eats more power than my central AC unit. I think you should get rid of that garbage.

Satellite and Cable TV providers have lost touch with the viewers. We cannot control what we want to pay for and see. They want to bundle channels into blocks of programming and they will not allow you to get what you want. Say for instance you want all your programming to be educational, you would think you would be allowed to keep Discovery, History, National Geographic and thats it. However they have included said channels in a block and will not allow you to drop other programming. Cause guess what? You also need E Entertainment, TLC, and MTV. I get it we need local networks like CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, those are the ones who give us our local news.

The networks are over saturated in shows these days. Meaning that is far to much programming for the average American to consume, as people live busy lives and cannot consume that much TV due to life schedules. Ever time you turn around there is a new TV show coming out and it presses all the shows into one day. If people are trying to DVR something more than likely the DVR will cancel out other shows recordings and miss some. Unless you have the X1 operating system made by Comcast... I think this is why everyone is swapping over to streaming services so that they can watch TV at their own pace.

So anyone would like to chime in? Be as the wind chime and let your opinion be known in the thread.

I stoped watching TV completly. I do not follow any shows, series or whatever else there is.
I got bored by ads and unflexibel schedules plus time didn´t wait for me to catch up. Books, Games and videos wait for me. So I really could not care less about what TV is doing.

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So you dont even have a Netflix or Hulu account?

Nope. I do not watch GoT (books anyone?) or any other series. I have a local book store and something people call "broadband" connection (it isn´t realy, more like a "narrow connection").

Of course dude. That can't sell that shill any other way. As was mentioned on the Tek (I'm pretty sure Wendell went over it) media companies and ISPs are out of control in the U.S. The telecommunications act pretty much shit on any limit to media ownership- which is why a company like Time Warner owns the service provider, the network, hell even the studio and the actors in it.
So, package deals have been a thing for a while, cause that is the only way to keep the garbage rolling. They still want to cater to the 'always on' TV generation. The previous generation was all for it, because TV was the only medium of information. Now it is not, and if anything, in the eyes of the 'internet age' generation is kind of a inconvenience to use.

Going back to this- actually we can. We already are. Its why Comcast offered a cheaper deal when I got cable+internet (same speed) than just internet. They are losing, and they know it. They can barely sell it anymore. The analytic portion of the net is going to greatly influence the future of media content- just wait. We are still at the turning point. The only response is to limit the competition- that is internet. Which is why it is in their interest to keep internet slow.

Media has always been a bit saturated, at least in our modern age. The difference is, networks and studios used to be independent. Now they are not. As Eddie Huang described of the show 'Fresh off the Boat' (a show that was supposed to be based on his memoir of American life) networks have turned legitimate stories into entertainment. The kind of shit that is 'made in a lab' if I remember his description right. They do it all for money, but its funny, because that attitude will only cost them in the long run.

The age of the internet is bringing back independent content. Some companies and content creators are doing well because of it, and are setting the stones for those in the future. I mean, look at The Tek. 580,390 subs at the time of this posting.