Brian from tech yes city moved back to Aus!

Normally I would not care about whats going on but it seems Mr Tech Yes City, has returned to Australia. It isn't really anyone's business I guess but I was sure he was married and had a kid too and was living with his waifu in Japan?

I was a bit curious when I saw his returning to Aus video where he was mostly on his own..
Anyway I hope hes alright I like that guys videos he does decent content.

may have been a working problem he was probably on a visa. hopefully its all g and was just a case they didnt want to be on camera

I mean I don't really feel exactly right discussing this guy's life on a forum but he did mention it a few times in several videos so.

He and his wife/gf whatever split up and there was a massive custody battle and Japan was expensive ect ect...

So yeah it is a good thing he is back in Aus. I like him and Joker's stuff

Oh thanks for clearing that up, again I wasn't trying to be nosey about his life its just the move seemed sudden to me, was not aware of what had happened earlier.. would be a shame if she stopped doing his show though so just did not want to see that happen.