Break password on old laptop

My wife has an old laptop that she doesn't remember the password to.  What's the best linux distro to use to break that password?  Windows 7 OS.  I would build my own DaRT boot CD, but I don't have an open license agreement with Microsoft to do that.  Suggestions?  

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You can download and burn an image for Hiren's Boot CD I believe it is. There is a item in the menu it gives you to reset passwords for XP, 7, and few others. That should do the trick just fine.

Any distro of linux will do for this. A work around is to change the Ease of Access to shortcut to cmd on bootup of windows and you can change the password through there with Net user

Have you tried this?

Takes 7 seconds with any linux distro and "chntpw"

Access the SAM file, and clear the password.

Just use konboot, nulls the password on boot and after login can be changed without the need for the old one.

use koonboot and the netuser  commands in cmd to reset the password in less than 3 minutes. you only need to reboot afterwards

Thanks guys

I use an app on my android device called "DriveDroid".

It allows you to load windows.iso, linux.iso etc on your external sd card, and then DriveDroid will allow you to plug your phone in to a PC and boot from the .iso and USB connected phone.

So with this app, I have a small 300mb ophcrack .iso file on my phone ready. As long as I have my USB with me, I can boot ophcrack on *any* PC using my phone and crack the password.

I use Ophcrack XP with some Vista tables.

konboot is the best option

useful info. commenting to find later. didn't know that linux trick

could you send me a link to downloads please, i could do with this

Lol? Just kill the battery on the board.

That would only work for removing a BIOS password.


:P Just boot into safe mode in XP and log into the admin account. Enabled by default.