Bought a PSP, trying Homebrew, looking for games

I’ve manly got this PSP to make emulating the PSP on my phone more legal (owning the emulated console, and ripping my own games), but since I have it I might as well try my hand at hacking it, and see what all it can do.

Why mobile gaming, well when I’m home I generally don’t care to game (other things I’d rather do), but when I’m out it is nice to be able to play a quality games while I wait for stuff and people. And when I am home it is nice to have the option to kick back wherever I am and game.

Anyway on to the PSP.

This is a PSP-1001 (1st gen) and it’s on old software (3.90). The latest version is 6.61 which I won’t be updating to since it could fix the flaw that allows you to push custom software onto it. I believe the method I’ll be using we’ll update it to 6.60 though.

It didn’t come with a charger, so it was a gamble buy, but after rigging this up it looks like it works.

I want to keep track of what I’m spending on this thing, so…

Date Item Cost
7-17-19 PSP $25
7-18-19 Memory stick adapter $5.95
7-18-19 Charge cord $7.99
7-20-19 Kingdom Harts - Birth by Sleep $14.99
Total: $53.93

Still less then a modern AAA title, and I’ve been having far more fun playing Kingdom Harts than any of my somewhat recent AAA games.

Games of interest

Games are in order from most interested to least interested.

Games I’m looking to buy:

  • Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition (plays exactly like the original on PS2)
  • Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep
  • Fat Princess - Fistful of Cake
  • LocoRoco
  • Final Fantasy - Crisis Core

Games I want to try (will buy if, if I like):

  • Burnout (both games)
  • Test Drive Unlimited
  • Midnight Club L.A. Remix
  • DISGAEA - Afternoon of Darkness
  • Daxter
  • Ratchet & Clank - Size Matters
  • Need For Speed - Underground Rivals
  • Monster Hunter - Freedom Unite
  • SEGA Rally - Revo
  • Driver 76
  • Assassin’s Creed - Bloodlines
  • God of War - Ghost of Sparta
  • Killzone - Liberation
  • Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker
  • Final Fantasy (series)
  • Castlevania - The Dracula X Chronicles
  • Ape Escape - On the Loose
  • Phantasy Star (series)
  • Dragoneer’s Aria
  • Mana Khemia - Student Alliance
  • Megaman (series)
  • Phantom Brave - Tohe Hermuda Triangle
  • Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empire

Not interested:

  • Need For speed - Most Wanted 5-1-0 (hot garbage compared to the original)

Please feel free to share suggestions/opinions on any PSP games, or games I can emulate on the PSP. I’m looking for more.

I’d also like to hear about your PSP if you have/had one. We can take a trip down nostalgia lane.


I’m heading to a few thrift shops right now to look for some PSP games. I just ordered Kingdom Hearts so it’s going to be a while before it gets in, and I want to have everything to mess with various things with PSP.

I’m planning on trying to hack it this evening.

Oh yeah these came in yesterday.

Charge cord, and memory stick to micro SD card adapter.


Fucking amazing game…

Yes please… All day long…


If I have to recommend 2 games - I do recommend Patapon 2 and Patapon 3… both are part of my top10 favorite games ever… So fun…

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i owned one till the battery balloned was one of my fave things for media playing on the go but back then i was trying to get runescape to work on a psp in its browser and it happened but was unplayable.

i used to frequent
for some games on the go but i was never into handleds for games really

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I believe they are all totally broken now, you can pick up any PSP, model IR generation and get custom firmware or permentantly Installed homebrew enabling.

Does Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix exist on the PSP? It also had Tokyo as a city.

Good call on the 5-1-0, just not even worth it.

If you rhythm action games, Beats was a fun taken on it, you could use your own music in it, simple mechanic and fun to pick up and jam out your own tunes.

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I do not have PSP and games. But I saw something like that here and there …

Total Games 508
CSO: 288
ISO: 220
Total Size: 269Gb (289.378.719.276 bytes)
Compression: -
Region: (EUR/JAP/USA)


101in1MegamixUSA.iso 911.86 MB
300_-March_to_Glory.cso 379.75 MB
3rdBirthdayUSUntouched.iso 1.37 GB
4x4JAM.iso 82.08 MB
-Bulletproof-G-Unit_Edition.cso 183.91 MB
[EUR].iso 151.00 MB
ASpaceShooterF2BMini.iso 189.28 MB
ATV_Offroad_Fury.cso 417.18 MB
ATV_Offroad_Fury_Pro.iso 844.81 MB
AceArmstrongvsAlien.iso 83.78 MB
Ace_Combat_X_Skies_of_Deception.cso 260.49 MB
AfterBurnerBlackFalcon.cso 290.79 MB
Akiba_Strip.iso 671.47 MB
Alien_Syndrome.cso 314.48 MB
AngryBirds.iso 39.08 MB
Angry_Birds_PSN_USA.iso 161.44 MB
Another_Century’s_Episode_Portable_JAP.iso 824.88 MB
ApacheOverkill.iso 4.29 MB
Ape_Academy_2.cso 372.55 MB
Ape_Escape_On_the_Loose.cso 362.40 MB
Ape_Quest.iso 521.25 MB
Armored_Core_-Last_Raven_Portable.cso 306.58 MB
.cso 297.04 MB
Armored_Core_Formula_Front_Extreme_Battle.cso 419.53 MB
Armored_Core_Silent_Line_Portable_[USA].iso 468.66 MB
Army_of_Two_The_40th_Day.cso 681.32 MB
Art_of_Fighting.iso 128.28 MB
Arthur and The Minimoys.cso 1.34 GB
Asphalt_Urban_GT_2.cso 324.58 MB
Assassin’s_Creed_-Bloodlines.iso 772.13 MB
Asterix_And_Obelix_XXL_2.cso 409.50 MB
Astonishia_Story.cso 67.00 MB
Astro_Boy_The_Video_Game.iso 990.16 MB
Audition_Portable.iso 737.87 MB
Auditorium.cso 20.56 MB
Avitar_The_Last_Airbender.cso 107.23 MB
Bakugan_Battle_Brawlers.iso 846.22 MB
Battle_Spirits_Hero’s_Soul.cso 734.53 MB
Battle_Zone.cso 129.07 MB
Bboy.cso 712.50 MB
Beaterator.iso 909.65 MB
Beats.cso 234.83 MB
-Protector_of_Earth.iso 653.47 MB
Ben_10_Ultimate_Alien_Cosmic_Destruction.cso 746.37 MB
Blade_Dancer.cso 279.09 MB
BlazBlue__Calamity_Trigger.iso 968.08 MB
Blazblue Continuum Shift II.iso 1.56 GB
BlazblueContinuumShiftIIUS.iso 789.95 MB
Blazing_Souls_Accelate_USA_Patched.ISO 1.03 GB
Bleach Soul Carnival 2.cso 1.13 GB
Bleach_Heat_the_Soul_2.cso 549.32 MB
Bleach_Heat_the_Soul_4.iso 786.53 MB
Bleach_Heat_the_Soul_5.iso 615.75 MB
Bleach_Soul_Carnival.cso 469.18 MB
Blimp.iso 84.26 MB
Blitz_Overtime.cso 613.53 MB
Blood_Bowl.cso 87.73 MB
Bomberman_Land.iso 340.62 MB
Bounty_Hounds.cso 387.14 MB
-New_Traveler.cso 154.74 MB
Break_Quest.cso 62.77 MB
Breath_Of_Fire.cso 169.30 MB
Brothers_in_Arms_D-Day.cso 922.80 MB
Bubble_Trubble.iso 28.80 MB
Burnout_Dominator.iso 659.09 MB
Burnout_Legends.cso 263.71 MB
Buzz!The_Ultimate_Music_Quiz.iso 865.66 MB
Cabela’s_African_Safari.cso 406.41 MB
-Baker’s_Challenge.iso 414.38 MB
-Roads_to_Victory.cso 365.43 MB
Capcom_Classics_Collection_Reloaded.iso 542.65 MB
Capcom_Classics_Collection_Remixed.iso 504.30 MB
Capcom_Puzzle_World.iso 442.91 MB
CarJackStreets.iso 95.67 MB
CarnivoresDinosaurHunter.iso 62.65 MB
Cars.cso 267.38 MB
Cars_Race-O-Rama.cso 208.04 MB
Castlevania_Dracula_X_Chronicles.cso 763.94 MB
Caterpillar.iso 17.69 MB
ChargeTankSquad.iso 21.96 MB
Class_Of_Heroes.cso 166.33 MB
-Quest_for_Infinity.cso 502.51 MB
Coded_Arms.cso 63.04 MB
-DiRT_2.iso 270.68 MB
Crash_Tag_Team_Racing.cso 240.65 MB
Crazy_Taxi_Fare_Wars.iso 530.16 MB
Criminal_Girls_JAP.iso 367.84 MB
Crimson_Gem_Saga.iso 837.94 MB
Crush.cso 310.17 MB
DAXTER.iso 1.31 GB
DJ Max Emotional Sense P 2 - Sound Miracle KOR.iso 1.66 GB
DJ Max Fever USA.iso 1.60 GB
DJ Max Portable 3 US.cso 1.51 GB
DJ_Max_Portable_International_Edition.cso 820.13 MB
DTM_Race_Driver_2.cso 800.36 MB
DT_carnage.cso 429.50 MB
Dante’s_Inferno.cso 827.79 MB
-The_Chaos_Tower.iso 660.47 MB
Dave_Mirra_BMX_Challenge.iso 152.32 MB
Dead_Head_Fred.cso 883.67 MB
Dead_or_Alive_Paradise_EUR.iso 829.81 MB
-Reckoning.iso 142.60 MB
Death_Jr.Root_of_all_Evil.cso 539.96 MB
Death_Jr.iso 415.00 MB
Def_Jam__Fight_for_NY__The_Takeover.cso 500.20 MB
Despicable_Me.iso 311.37 MB
DigiTiles.iso 3.64 MB
Diner_Dash.cso 47.32 MB
-Afternoon_of_Darkness.cso 468.75 MB
-Dark_Hero_Days.cso 482.43 MB
Disgaea_Infinite_USA_PSP-BAHAMUT.iso 267.31 MB
Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy EUR.iso 1.50 GB
Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy US.ISO 1.63 GB
Dissidia Prologus.iso 1.65 GB
Donkey_Xote.cso 680.44 MB
Downstrean_panic.iso 448.09 MB
Dragon_Ball_Evolution.iso 376.53 MB
Dragon_Ball_Z_Shin_Budokai_2.cso 314.62 MB
Dragon_Ball_Z_Tenkaichi_Tag_Team.iso 601.50 MB
Dragoneer’s_Aria.cso 245.53 MB
Dragons_Lair.iso 248.58 MB
Driver_76.cso 891.40 MB
Dungeon_Explorer_Warrior_of_the_Ancient_Arts.cso 332.86 MB
Dungeon_Maker_Hunting_Ground.cso 98.90 MB
-Throne_of_Agony.cso 486.85 MB
&Dragons_Tactics.cso 268.65 MB
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce.ISO 1.30 GB
Dynasty_Warriors_2.iso 208.72 MB
EXIT_2.cso 89.43 MB
EarthShield.iso 4.26 MB
Eragon.cso 143.40 MB
Every_Extend_Extra.cso 178.38 MB
Everybody’s_Golf_2.cso 236.16 MB
Everybodys_Golf.cso 499.70 MB
Everyday_Shooter.iso 159.91 MB
Exit.cso 64.49 MB
EyePet.iso 772.94 MB
F1_Grand_Prix.cso 231.66 MB
FIFA 07 - Soccer.iso 1.26 GB
Fading_Shadows.cso 154.91 MB
-Fistful_of_Cake.cso 153.48 MB
Fate_Unlimited_Codes_USA.cso 473.80 MB
FieldRunners.cso 25.19 MB
Field_Commander.cso 460.88 MB
Field_Runners.cso 25.19 MB
Fifa 11.iso 1.28 GB
Fight_Night_Round_3.cso 522.67 MB
FinalFantasyIVCompleteCollection.iso 839.63 MB
Final_Armada.iso 471.99 MB
Final_Fantasy.cso 147.19 MB
Final_Fantasy_20th_Anniversary_Edition.iso 188.94 MB
Final_Fantasy_2_20th_Anniversary.cso 229.11 MB
Final_Fantasy_II.cso 227.01 MB
Final_Fantasy_IV_Complete_Collection_US.iso 839.97 MB
Final_Fantasy_Tactics_The_War_of_the_Lions.iso 399.47 MB
FingerConnection.iso 10.09 MB
Fired_Up.iso 227.00 MB
FlatOut_Head_On.iso 429.72 MB
Flow.iso 90.62 MB
FlyFuMINI.iso 160.00 MB
FlyingHamster.iso 51.69 MB
-XR_Edition.cso 111.84 MB
-06.cso 306.40 MB
FortCommander.iso 10.48 MB
Frantix.cso 99.60 MB
-Extreme_Freeride.cso 559.83 MB
Free_Running.cso 248.73 MB
Frogger_Helmet_Chaos.cso 159.31 MB
From_Russia_with_Love.cso 521.47 MB
-Battlelines.cso 202.39 MB
FullmetalAB[EUR].iso 474.81 MB
Funky_Punch.cso 15.17 MB
G.I.JOE_The_Rise_Of_Cobra_Patched.iso 855.92 MB
GODFATHER.cso 670.69 MB
-World_City_Race_US.iso 193.76 MB
GTI_Club_Supermini_Festa!.cso 185.07 MB
Gangs_of_London.cso 969.38 MB
Generation_Of_Chaos.cso 712.51 MB
Ghost_Recon_Predator_EUR.iso 864.38 MB
Ghost_Rider.iso 711.90 MB
-Stand_Alone_Complex.cso 602.50 MB
Ghostbusters_The_Video_Game.cso 580.34 MB
Gladiator_Begins.iso 452.65 MB
God Eater Burst JPN.iso 1.36 GB
God Eater Burst US Final.ISO 1.37 GB
God of War Chains of Olympus.cso 1.23 GB
Gran_Turismo.cso 957.28 MB
-Chinatown_Wars.iso 862.38 MB
-Vice_City_Stories.cso 896.95 MB
Grand_Theft_Auto_Liberty_City_Stories.cso 582.64 MB
Guilty_Gear_Judgment.cso 458.34 MB
Guilty_Gear_XX_Accent_Core_Plus.cso 628.51 MB
Gun_Showdown.cso 255.41 MB
Half-Minute_Hero.cso 94.86 MB
Hammerin’Hero.iso 217.41 MB
-Rock_Out_the_Show.cso 421.28 MB
Harry_Potter.cso 186.25 MB
Harvest_Moon_Hero_of_Leaf_Valley.cso 168.84 MB
-The_Science_of_Evil.cso 670.50 MB
-Great_Battles_of_Rome.cso 441.89 MB
HockeyandBowling.cso 22.08 MB
Hot_Shots_Golf_Open_Tee_2.iso 438.41 MB
Hysteriaproject5BEUR.iso 185.28 MB
IMustRun.iso 113.72 MB
INFECTED.cso 213.62 MB
-A_futuristic_Harvest_Moon.cso 256.69 MB
International_Cricket_Captain_III.iso 120.63 MB
Iron_Man_2.cso 671.60 MB
JackDestripador.iso 84.61 MB
Jackass_the_Game.cso 721.84 MB
James_Cameron’s_Avatar.cso 243.90 MB
Jeanne_D’Arc.cso 739.63 MB
Jikandia_The_Timeless_Land_Screens.iso 55.11 MB
Juiced 2 - Hot Import Nights.iso 1.06 GB
-Eliminator.cso 250.29 MB
Jungle_Party.iso 432.94 MB
Justice_League_Heroes.cso 609.85 MB
KIng_OF_Fighters.iso 636.59 MB
Kamen_Rider_Climax_Heroes_OOO.iso 581.16 MB
-Badass_Rumble_US.cso 374.05 MB
Key_Of_Heaven.cso 0.98 GB
-Liberation.cso 476.83 MB
King_of_Clubs.cso 180.98 MB
Kingdom_of_Paradise.cso 887.56 MB
L.A.Rush.cso 931.63 MB
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean EUR.iso 1.38 GB
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean USA.iso 1.38 GB
-The_Original_Trilogy.cso 229.36 MB
Lanfeust_of_Troy.cso 199.89 MB
Legend of Heroes Trails In The Sky US BAHAMUT .iso 1.32 GB
-Song_of_the_Ocean.cso 721.30 MB
Legend_of_the_Dragon.cso 401.50 MB
Lego Star Wars III.iso 1.28 GB
Little_Big_Planet.cso 206.95 MB
Little_Britain.cso 189.45 MB
Lord_of_Arcana.iso 667.35 MB
LordofArcanaUSA.iso 767.72 MB
-Makutsu_no_Koutei.cso 419.41 MB
Lunar_Silver_Star_Harmony.iso 933.49 MB
M.A.C.H__Modified_Air_Combat_Heroes.cso 223.05 MB
-PORTABLE_OPS.iso 966.25 MB
MLB 11 - The Show.ISO 1.32 GB
MOTOGP.cso 229.23 MB
MVP_BaseBall.iso 195.41 MB
MX_vs_ATV_Untamed.ISO 290.25 MB
MYTRAN_WARS.cso 826.51 MB
MahjonggArtifactsChapter2.cso 19.59 MB
Major League Baseball 2011.iso 1.66 GB
Mana_Khemia_Student_Alliance.cso 522.61 MB
Manhunt_2.cso 408.30 MB
Marvel Super Hero Squad USA.iso 1.47 GB
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.iso 1.67 GB
-Ultimate_Alliance.cso 591.33 MB
-Rise_of_the_Imperfects.cso 123.04 MB
Marvel_Trading_Card_Game.cso 602.11 MB
Medal of Honor 2.iso 1.14 GB
Medal_of_honor_heroes.cso 390.05 MB
MediEvil_Resurrection.cso 441.06 MB
Mega_Man_Maverick_Hunter_X.cso 401.73 MB
Megamind_The_Blue_Defender_USA.iso 864.34 MB
Memories Off Yubikiri no KiokuJAP.iso 1.27 GB
Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker.iso 1.43 GB
Metal_Gear_Acid.cso 178.05 MB
Metal_Gear_Acid_2.cso 823.61 MB
-Digital_Graphic_Novel.iso 780.05 MB
Metal_Slug_Anthology.cso 397.14 MB
Miami_Vice.cso 162.16 MB
-The_Experience.iso 213.71 MB
-DUB_Edition.cso 707.48 MB
Military_History_Commander_Europe_at_War.iso 173.84 MB
Mimana_Iyar_Chronicle.iso 632.10 MB
ModNation Racers.iso 1.67 GB
Monster_Hunter_Freedom_2.cso 676.99 MB
Monster_Hunter_Portable_2nd_G.iso 854.09 MB
-Path_of_Destruction.iso 177.88 MB
Monster_Jam_Urban_Assault.iso 864.37 MB
Monster_Kingdom_Jewel_Summoner.cso 460.80 MB
-Arctic_Edge.cso 573.64 MB
Myst.iso 1.45 GB
NBA_Ballers_Rebound.cso 451.90 MB
NBA_Live_10.cso 886.25 MB
NBA_Street_Showdown.cso 366.16 MB
NFL_Street_2_Unleashed.cso 131.75 MB
NFL_Street_3.cso 213.54 MB
NHL_07.cso 168.15 MB
-Countdown_to_the_Championship_31.cso 379.90 MB
NOVA.iso 88.69 MB
Napoleon_Dynamite_the_game.cso 431.65 MB
Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 EUR.cso 1.16 GB
Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 US.iso 1.27 GB
NarutoShippudenKizunaDriveUS.iso 0.99 GB
-Ultimate_Ninja_Heroes_2-The_Phantom_Fortress.cso 363.57 MB
-Kizuna_Drive_JAP.iso 0.99 GB
Naruto_Shippuden_Legends_Akatsuki_Rising.iso 735.04 MB
-Undercover.cso 665.89 MB
-Own_the_City.cso 368.14 MB
Need_for_Speed_Most_Wanted.cso 883.66 MB
.cso 300.12 MB
Need_for_Speed_Shift.cso 983.89 MB
Neopets-Petpet_Adventures_The_Wand_Of_Wishing.cso 521.68 MB
Neverland_Card_Battles.iso 399.75 MB
-The_Plague_of_Mind.cso 51.34 MB
Obscure_The_Aftermath.cso 833.60 MB
Off_Road.cso 431.69 MB
Open_Season.cso 939.78 MB
OutRun_Coast_2_Coast.cso 371.32 MB
Over_The_Hedge_Hammy_Goes_Nuts.iso 256.31 MB
PATAPON_3_US.iso 530.25 MB
PBR_Out_of_the_Chute.iso 234.47 MB
PDC_World_Championship_Darts.cso 117.36 MB
PQ2_Practical_Intelligence_Quotient.cso 140.30 MB
.cso 81.38 MB
PSPGamesCollection_list.txt 11.79 kB
PaRappa_the_Rapper.cso 306.31 MB
Pangya_Fantasy_Golf.cso 733.90 MB
PaperWarsCannonFodder.iso 26.65 MB
Parasite Eve The 3rd Birthday EUR.iso 1.37 GB
Patapon_1.CSO 210.32 MB
Patapon_2.cso 389.49 MB
Patchwork_Heroes.iso 422.97 MB
Peggle.iso 38.91 MB
Peter_Jacksons_KingKong.cso 435.28 MB
Petz Saddle Club.cso 1.07 GB
Petz_Dogz_Family.iso 67.06 MB
Phantasy_Star_Portable_2_US.cso 935.77 MB
Phantom_Brave_The_Hermuda_Triangle_USA.ISO 760.50 MB
Pilot_Academy.cso 93.81 MB
Pimp_My_Ride.cso 529.25 MB
PinballDreams.cso 2.95 MB
Pirates_of_the_Caribbean__At_world’s_end.cso 594.41 MB
Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_dead_mans_chest.cso 204.50 MB
Platypus.cso 45.93 MB
PoPoLoCrois.cso 628.97 MB
Pocket_Racers.cso 78.76 MB
Power_Stone_Collection.cso 305.77 MB
Prince_of_Persia_Rival_Swords.cso 414.06 MB
Prince_of_Persia_The_Forgotten_Sands.cso 146.90 MB
Prinny_2_Dawn_of_Operations.iso 758.28 MB
Pro_Cycling_Season.iso 497.26 MB
Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2011.iso 604.13 MB
(PES_2011).iso 523.18 MB
Pump It Up ZERO Portable.cso 1.63 GB
-Exceed_Portable.cso 304.22 MB
Pursuit_Force_Extreme_Justice.cso 430.43 MB
Puyo_Pop_Fever.cso 79.41 MB
PuzzleScapeENGFix.iso 90.00 MB
Puzzle_Bobble.ISO 16.97 MB
Puzzle_Quest_Challenge_of_the_Warlords.cso 60.41 MB
R-Type_Command.cso 153.47 MB
[EUR].iso 817.72 MB
Rapala_Pro_Bass_Fishing.cso 566.56 MB
Ratatouille.cso 493.81 MB
Real_Madrid_The_Game.iso 629.06 MB
Reel_Fishing_-The_Great_Outdoors.cso 128.98 MB
Rengoku_II_The_Stairway_to_Heaven.cso 398.52 MB
Rengoku_The_Tower_of_Purgatory.cso 145.23 MB
Resistance - Retribution.cso 1.39 GB
Ridge Racer 2.iso 1.42 GB
Ridge_Racer.iso 864.38 MB
-The_Promised_Land.cso 460.04 MB
RockBand_Unplugged.cso 924.88 MB
Rugby_League_Challenge.iso 173.03 MB
SBK_Superbike_World_Championship.iso 267.28 MB
SOCOM_US_Navy_Seals_Fire_team_Bravo_3.cso 761.25 MB
-Target_Liberty.cso 554.55 MB
[JPN].iso 376.06 MB
Samurai_Shodown_Anthology.cso 883.79 MB
Samurai_Warriors_-State_of_War.cso 208.06 MB
Savage_Moon_The_Hera_Campaign.iso 187.22 MB
Scarface__Money.Power.Respect.cso 505.06 MB
Secret Agent Clank.iso 1.41 GB
Sega_MegaDrive_Collection.cso 727.97 MB
Sega_Rally_Revo.cso 145.41 MB
Senjou no Valkyria 3 Unrecorded Chronicles.iso 1.31 GB
Shadow of Destiny US.iso 1.02 GB
Shaun_White_Snowboarding.iso 468.69 MB
SheepDefense.cso 4.20 MB
Sheperds_Crossing_2_US.iso 252.84 MB
Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Portable US.iso 1.23 GB
Shin_Megami_Tensei_Persona.cso 533.51 MB
Shining Hearts.iso 1.25 GB
Shinobido_Tales_of_the_Ninja.cso 232.17 MB
Shirokishi_Monogatari_Dogma_Wars.iso 787.72 MB
Shrek_Smash_N_Crash_Racing.cso 221.42 MB
Sid_Meirs_Pirates_Live_the_Life.cso 187.17 MB
-Origins.iso 767.40 MB
Silent_Hill_Shattered_Memories.cso 747.87 MB
Silverfall.cso 157.97 MB
Sims_2_Castaway.cso 320.10 MB
Skate_Park_City.iso 155.71 MB
SkyForce5BEUR5D.ISO 143.50 MB
Snoopy_Vs_The_Red_Baron.cso 288.02 MB
Socom_US_Navy_Seals_Fireteam_Bravo_1.cso 115.10 MB
Socom__Fire_Team_Bravo_2.cso 210.60 MB
Sonic_Rivals_2.iso 448.66 MB
Soul_Calibur_Broken_Destiny.cso 346.49 MB
Spectral Souls Resurrection Of The Ethereal Empires.iso 1.07 GB
Spectral_vs.Generation.cso 117.10 MB
Spider_Man_2.iso 556.50 MB
Splinter Cell Essentials.iso 1.31 GB
Split_Second_Velocity.iso 659.72 MB
Spot_The_Difference.iso 84.43 MB
Stacked_with_Daniel_Negreanu.cso 109.39 MB
StandOfood.iso 116.72 MB
Star Ocean First Departure.iso 1.07 GB
Star Ocean Second Evolution.cso 1.08 GB
Star Wars Elite Squadron USA.iso 1.25 GB
Star Wars Force Unleashed.iso 1.04 GB
Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes.iso 1.38 GB
-Tactical_Assault.cso 133.96 MB
Star_Wars_Battlefron_Renegade.iso 887.44 MB
Star_Wars_Lethal_Alliance.iso 802.33 MB
State_Shift.iso 200.78 MB
StreetCricketChampions[EUR].iso 256.45 MB
Super_Monkey_Ball_Adventure.iso 403.13 MB
-Logan’s_Shadow.cso 292.84 MB
.cso 537.00 MB
TERRADarkwarrior.iso 60.27 MB
Tactics_Ogre__Let_Us_Cling_Together_US_PATCHED.cso 436.79 MB
Tales_of_Eternia.cso 530.48 MB
Tales_of_The_World_Radiant_Mythology_US.cso 330.51 MB
Tales_of_VS…iso 753.65 MB
Tekken_Dark_Resurrection.cso 800.81 MB
Tenchu_Time_of_the_Assassins.cso 287.66 MB
Test_Drive_Unlimited.cso 769.60 MB
The Legend of Heroes II - Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch.cso 1.26 GB
The Original Diabolik.iso 1.53 GB
-Pets.iso 1.41 GB
The_Con.cso 210.21 MB
The_Fast_and_The_Furious.cso 385.21 MB
The_Warriors.cso 598.64 MB
Tokobot.iso 313.34 MB
Tom_Clancy’s_Ghost_Recon_Advanced_Warfighter_2.cso 661.91 MB
Tom_Clancys_EndWar.cso 132.32 MB
-Legend.cso 367.35 MB
Tony Hawk’s Project 8.iso 1.40 GB
Tony_hawks_underground_2_remix.cso 567.70 MB
-Revenge_of_the_Fallen.cso 335.34 MB
Tron_Evolution.iso 211.45 MB
(EUR)(Patched).ISO 191.00 MB
Twisted_Metal_Head_On.cso 90.73 MB
UndeadKnigths.cso 252.89 MB
-The_Warrior’s_Code.cso 645.09 MB
Untold_Legends_BrotherHood_of_the_Blade.cso 181.63 MB
V8_Supercars_3_Shoot_Out.cso 679.42 MB
Valhalla Knights 2 - Battle Stance.iso 1.27 GB
Valhalla_Knights.cso 349.64 MB
Valhalla_Knights22222USA.cso 350.81 MB
Valkyria_Chronicles_2.cso 832.74 MB
Valkyrie_Profile_Lenneth.cso 218.21 MB
-Red_Hot_Rumble.iso 427.65 MB
WTF.cso 78.27 MB
-Work_Time_Fun.cso 75.91 MB
WWE All Stars 2011.ISO 1.49 GB
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011.iso 1.63 GB
Wall_E.cso 548.67 MB
War_Ni_Chi.iso 199.29 MB
Warhammer_40000_Squad_Command.iso 475.78 MB
Warriors Orochi 2 US.cso 1.35 GB
Warriors of the Lost Empire.CSO 1.53 GB
Warriors_Orochi.cso 476.26 MB
Warriors_of_the_lost_empire222222.cso 419.31 MB
Way.Of.The.Samurai.iso 308.13 MB
WidgetsOdyssey.iso 60.78 MB
Wild Arms XF.cso 1.05 GB
Wild Arms XF2nd.cso 1.05 GB
Winning_Eleven_9_USA.iso 930.88 MB
Winx_Club_Join_the_Club.cso 586.93 MB
Wipeout_Pulse.cso 224.22 MB
Wipeout_Pure.cso 154.78 MB
World Rally ChampionshipUS.iso 1.23 GB
World_Championship_Cards.iso 627.44 MB
World_Tour_Soccer_2.cso 601.19 MB
.cso 70.36 MB
Worms_Open_Warfare_2.cso 142.11 MB
WormsattleIslands.iso 71.58 MB
X-Men_Legends_II_Rise_of_Apocalypse.cso 431.89 MB
-_Wolverine.cso 464.53 MB
Xtreme_Party.cso 97.00 MB
Xyanide_Resurrection.cso 561.78 MB
YSI I and II.ISO 1.05 GB
Yggdra_Union.iso 733.06 MB
YoungThor.cso 52.51 MB
Ys The Oath in Felghana.iso 1.04 GB
Ys_The_ark_of_napishtim.cso 427.11 MB
Zenonia.cso 19.12 MB
enigmo.iso 130.91 MB
fairy_tail.cso 877.23 MB
freakscapeescapeonhell.iso 95.38 MB
granturismov2.iso 1.10 GB
gundam_vs_gundam.ISO 854.87 MB
hexyz_force[usa].cso 536.25 MB
icon-doap-psp.iso 829.81 MB
la_pucelle_ragnarok.iso 818.25 MB
luxor_2.cso 38.63 MB
nascar.cso 601.48 MB
persona 2 innocent sin.iso 1.04 GB
prinny_2.cso 414.51 MB
rocky_balboa.cso 292.40 MB
super_fruit_fall.cso 12.72 MB
virtua_tennis_3.cso 358.01 MB
whiteknightchroniclesEUR.iso 1.05 GB

It was the only game I had when I had my PSP so I played the crap out of it. Totally agree, it’s a fantastic one.

One of my favorite games on the PS2, I hope the PSP versions will live up to it.

I saw Daxter at the thrift shop, but I passed because of your input.
I’ll look into those games.

That’s surprising. I had no idea you could do that. I was playing that back when I had the PSP, but never thought to try it on it.

I think your right, but I updated the last PSP I had and it prevent me form hacking it at the time so I don’t want to chance it.

Yeah, and it’s just as great as the PS2 version! This is my favorite game of all time, and it’s the reason I started looking into all this again.
It doesn’t have Tokyo and the remix cars from the remix version, but I’m fine with that. I was just stoked that it’s not a watered-down version.

Not generally into them, but I’ll watch a video on it before I rule it out.

Wow, is the like every game?


it was the first ‘runescape mobile’ was unplayable but what was playable was runescape classic (gone now)

I do not think so. I do not know if all, rather not …
However, there are some of those you are looking for.

Burnout_Dominator.iso 659.09 MB
Burnout_Legends.cso 263.71 MB
Test_Drive_Unlimited.cso 769.60 MB
Midnight_Club_3-DUB_Edition.cso 707.48 MB
Disgaea-Afternoon_of_Darkness.cso 468.75 MB
DAXTER.iso 1.31 GB
Need_For_Speed-Undercover.cso 665.89 MB
Monster_Hunter_Freedom_2.cso 676.99 MB
Monster_Hunter_Portable_2nd_G.iso 854.09 MB
Sega_Rally_Revo.cso 145.41 MB
Driver_76.cso 891.40 MB
Killzone-Liberation.cso 476.83 MB
Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker.iso 1.43 GB
Castlevania_Dracula_X_Chronicles.cso 763.94 MB
Ape_Escape_On_the_Loose.cso 362.40 MB
Phantasy_Star_Portable_2_US.cso 935.77 MB
Dragoneer’s_Aria.cso 245.53 MB
Mana_Khemia_Student_Alliance.cso 522.61 MB
Phantom_Brave_The_Hermuda_Triangle_USA.ISO 760.50 MB
Spectral Souls Resurrection Of The Ethereal Empires.iso 1.07 GB

If you need it … :crazy_face:

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Oh you absolutely NEED OutRun Coast 2 Coast. Its outrun. That is all.


These are the games I got. The pawn shop charged me $24 for all of them.

The games loaded the preview.

But when I clicked on them I got this.

Except for this one, which booted up, and plays great, but this game sucks. Lol

It’s funny those first 2 games were made after the last time this PSP got an update. This thing was totally just left on a shelf and forgotten about.

Also it doesn’t appear to support 256gb memory cards. Lol @TheDiddilyHorror

Not sure if I’m going to be hacking it tonight. Had some buddies drop by unexpectedly.

I’ll look into those.


I think the original limit for the spec was 32GB, and I think some 64GB might work. But it has been a long time look into it.

Edit: I am not sure if the PSP got support for HD and XC cards are what ever version of it that was for Memory Stick Pro DUO.


Man, i had/have a PSP E1000 (street). That thing has served me well for many years with a SNES Emulator on it. Played a ton of Tekken Dark Retribution with my wife back then.
As a portable game System and Emulator, it still outclasses a lot of the chinese made handhelds to date. Plus it’s really comfortable even for large hands.

Sorry to be of not much help in terms of PSP Games. Wasn’t to into those. I used it 99% to play Gameboy and SNES Games on the go on a more comfortable system.

I still want to pick up a Vita some day for that purpose though.


Apparently they work with 2x 64GB microSDs (there are adapters that take 2x microSDs) if formatted correctly.

That’s a lot of storage considering the highest Memory Stick Pro Duo were 32GB.


I remember playing Patapon on one of my friends psp. It was fun game.


That’s probably the one I played the most. Not for an uninterrupted period of time, but I always came back to it. Great arcade racer, but a bit of an annoying rubberband AI.
There’s a sequel which wasn’t said to be worth it for owners of the first one at the time it was released (not enough new things), so I never bothered buying it.

God of War - Chains of Olympus and whatever the other one was called.
Nice linear hack’n’slash.

Kind of a Tetris/Match 3 hybrid but fun.

Secret Agent Clank
The other Jump’n’Run series that got a spin-off with the Sidekick as the protagonist.
As well as Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.


Ok I got the PSP hacked, and holly crap is it easy. Download a file put it on the memory sick and run it in the PSP, and done. Lol

I followed this video to hack the PSP.

I followed this video to rip the ISO files from my own UMD disks.

Hacking my PSP

I downloaded this .zip file (link from the YT video) on to my PC and extracted it.
Then I copied the “ISO” and “PSP” from the extracted (PSP HACK PACK) folder to my freshly formatted PSP memory stick.

No need for my PC now, so I unplugged the USB cord, and plugged in the charger in preparation to updated my PSP from 3.90 to 6.60. The “PSP HACK PACK” conveniently came with the 6.60 update file.

After the update finished I ran the “pro PSP firmware update” program.

Clicked X here.

And there we are (click select to open this menu).

I can now run games from an ISO file.

And rip my UMD disks to ISO files, and a bunch more things that I don’t know about yet.

Ripping UMD disks

This is very simple as well. Click select and scroll down to “USB DEVICE” and change it from “Memory Stick” to “UMD Disk”.

Plop in a UMD disk and plug the PSP into a PC, and copy the ISO file you the PC (took mine about 15 minutes for 1.5gb ISO). I recommend renaming the ISO to the game’s name when it finishes.

After you have the ISO on your PC, disconnect your PSP, and change “USB DEVICE” back to “Memory Stick”.
Then plug the PSP back in, and past that ISO into your ISO folder in the PSP’s memory stick.

Now you can play your games without risking the integrity of your delicate flowers disks.

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I’ve been a bit busy, but I’ll have a look at all your guys suggestions soon. Thanks for the input!


Most of the time I played advance wars 2 and pokemon with the gameboy emulator, but the following PSP games I also played frequently:

  • gta vice city stories
  • gta liberty city stories
  • gran turismo
  • sid meyer’s pirates
  • tekken

And more


wow im’ amazed you got one that cheap! you the PSP is only console where the GTA Stories series is supposedly best on PSP, it also has multiplayer. it’s also capped at 30 fps or something like that.