hey guys I have a question so currently I have a Amd a6-3670k with an gigabyte 6850. My question is that if i plan to upgrade my 6850 toa 7950 from sapphire will my cpu bottlebeck against my powerful gpu?

Odds are yes, it will bottleneck. if you have the money for a dedicated graphics card, you would see better performance getting an AM3(+) Board, and a Penom 2.


Maybe get a mid range gpu like a 7870 and a new motherboard and cpu. like a phenom ii x4 965

There will be a bottleneck if you get a 7950. I'd upgrade the CPU to an AMD 8350 or something close and then you'd have beastly performance.

I agree with ZakMoon. Try to go with something in that range and you will be good. Lowest I would go would be an FX-6300, FX-8350, or most i5's. I would personally go with either of the AMD's.

What If I suppose overclocking the processor from the stock 2.7 to something along the lines of 3.2.-3.5 ghz would that work because at the current time I can't really get an upgrade from my processor and motherboard. And the only reason why I'm getting the 7950 is because I have some amount of money to spare since I could sell my old graphics card and the games that come with the new graphics card could compensate for the cost of the graphics card by a small margin. Please reply back to this post and thank you for your time.

I find it funny that the FX 8350 also falls under "lowest"

my oc'ed 8350 doesnt bottleneck 2 oced 7970's at this very moment. I swear it doesnt. It-does-not.

(Despite the disbelief of many, many ppl on the internet & friends)