hello everyone :)


i was just wondering if the cpu would bottleneck the gpu ?


and also what do yall think this would run bf3 or arma 3 on ? like settings, FPS, etc 



Made some changes. Picked some cheaper RAM and a cheaper but higher wattage PSU. With the money saved I was able to add in a Hyper 212 Evo for only $13 more than your original build. You'll want the better CPU cooling trust me. 

BF3 will run fine. Prob maxed 1080p at around 45-60FPS. Maybe higher.

ARMA 3 may see some CPU bottlenecking but should still be fine on high at 1080p

could this be overclocked and still be fine ?  /  600w aint to much is it ?  cause build only takes 384w

Yes it can be overclocked but you can't use the stock cooling. You should be able to achieve moderate overclocks with the Hyper 212 Evo.

No you can never have "too much." I just went with the 600W because it is a few dollars cheaper than the 500W version and hey more is more right? 

and also im just asking but would the stock fan in the 6300 be fine to use without overclock ? /  would this run these games fine without overclock ? / or if i wanted to record would i need to overclock anything in this build ? 

Yeah the stock fan should be okay as long as you don't overclock. They are just kinda loud and don't do a very good job. It may overheat if your case doesn't have very good airflow and you're pushing your system hard Otherwise you should be. 

They should both be fine without an overclock. Although ARMA 3 will see a bigger performance gain if you do because it is single threaded. 

Recording you should be fine. The FX series shines in streaming and recording. 

A 80 dollar 6300 is a great deal.

I have a r9 290 Tri-x with a AMD 6300 your worrying about really nothing you would need a i3 before you see a bottleneck. 

ok thank you everyone i appreciate it :D

^ LOL, bottleneck wat now? XD LMAO XD